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3/5/19  10:10 am
Commenter: frank papcin

your ponzi garbage

Tthe idea of you people selling the rights to clean air to someone who is polluting more than you allow, should be aq crime & politicians who are part of the scheme shold be thrown out of the government( something we all know would never happen

the quality of our air is better today than it was 50 years ago, as science has made it's improvements to just about everything we do-- with the exception of education, where stupidy seems to have grown out of control

tell us where this money you plan on gernerationg is going to go?-- will it be used to improve the quality of the air we breath?-- will it go to the treatment of people who have lung problems or into the pockets of some politician who will give us some excuse for not telling us where that money went?

another question I present to you so called brains of our country.

we know the air in the country is more healthy than that in a city, and the larger the city, the more unhealthy it becomes-- THUS-- do you plan on putting a tax on cities based on the size next? -- seems to fit you theory  of polluters should pay those that don't pollute as much

last-- why are you giving other countries a pass on everything-- their promise to do something in the future?-- but we all breath the same air, with their pollution being dissipated over time or washed into the oceans with rains? -- the same oceans we share with the rest of the work

what you plan on doing is like a child building sand castles  on the beach at low tide, while the tide is coming back in-- and yo know the castles will be washed away, no matter how much effort you put into building them

it all about the money & you know it-- my complain is that the cost of your garbage will be passed down to me-- & I resent you tax that doesn't prevent pollution, it only gives people a chance to buy & sell clean air, with the rich getting richer & the consumer footing the bill

PLEASE save me some money by discarding this garbage ype over this text and enter your comments here. You are limited to approximately 3000 words.