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3/5/19  2:05 pm
Commenter: Charles Hague, Tree Farmer

Duplicate Comments / Fully Oppose RGGI

As a commenter and reader of this forum, I was interested in the large number of duplicate text comments posted by various individuals on March 2, beginning at 8:36 a.m. with the subject, "Support for revised carbon rule."  The source of these comments can be found by searching the web using the comment subject and VA.

The forum comment page suggests, though does not require, that an organization name can be entered after the name of the commenter.  This helps provide context to readers.

The advocates for solar and wind have good intentions but these alternatives are currently not reliable.  Given the number of overcast and rainy days over the last several months, a reliance on solar power in central Virginia would have been a disaster.

As I tree farmer, I have previously stated my opposition to regulations regarding the use of biomass, an efficient, renewable energy resource.  Having read comments on this forum along with additional research, I now join a majority of Virginia’s 2019 General Assembly in fully opposing the adoption of any regulation establishing a carbon dioxide cap-and-trade program or participation by the Commonwealth in a regional greenhouse gas initiative (RGGI) unless the legislature adopts a resolution by a two-thirds vote specifically approving.