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General Notice: Dispatcher Curriculum Review Committee: Proposed Performance Outcomes for Dispatchers

red dot In Progress!     Opened on 3/19/2018 and closes at 11:59pm on 5/21/2018


Proposed Performance Outcomes for Dispatchers

The Department of Criminal Justice Services is seeking public comment. The public comment period opens on March 19, 2018 and closes on May 21, 2018. Public comment is accepted through the Virginia Regulatory Town Hall website. The agenda for the June 14, 2018 meeting of the Committee on Training will include an opportunity for public comment.

The members of the Dispatcher Curriculum Review Committee (CRC) have spent more than two years conducting a comprehensive review of the minimum training standards for dispatchers. The members have reviewed, discussed, revised, and repealed existing performance outcomes; reviewed, discussed, and revised proposed performance outcomes submitted by stakeholders; and discussed and developed new performance outcomes.  

The Dispatcher CRC has worked diligently to address first responder and public safety while identifying the knowledge an ...... read the full general notice

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Proposed Performance Outcomes for Dispatchers Kari Wilson, Prince George County Police Department  3/28/18  3:26 am
Additional training objectives Brad Nester  3/23/18  2:22 pm
Additional trainnig objectives Brad Nester, Pulaski County 9-1-1 Communications Center  3/23/18  2:06 pm
Feedback Fairfax Fire and Rescue Retired  3/21/18  10:42 am
Performance Outcomes for Dispatchers. Shristhi Dudley, Herndon Police Department  3/20/18  4:27 pm

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