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7/14/08  11:10 am
Commenter: Christa Pierpont

Public School Fee Regulation

As a career educator and parent, I am requesting that there be a moratorium on our schools' ability to add set fees for a student's education until revised regulations and a uniform code is established. 

Within a set period of time, there needs to be a careful review of any and all fees that school systems require students to pay for both mandatory and non-manditory classes, services, materials, and activities. 

Pending any revision of the State Department of Education policies, our state's policies need to reflect  the Commonwealth's commitment to providing a free education for the purposes of self-sufficiency and full citizenship, and secondarily to provide all its citizens opportunities to benefit from non-manditory training.  Access and participation in non-manditory instruction and services for all students should be underwritten by the state, the student's local school system, and if needed through wavers such that there is no exclusion of motivated students from these activities.

Virginia's commitment to education for all its citizens, while not perfect is something we can be proud of.  Revisions and recommitments are an essential part of dynamic leadership in education so that we do not lose heart or marginalize anyone.  

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