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Public Petition for Rulemaking: Request to Revise: 8VAC 20-370 (Fees and Charges)

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CLOSED     Opened on 6/23/2008 and Ended on 7/14/2008

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Comment Title Commenter
student parking passes Judy Lucenta  7/14/08  5:55 pm
public school fees sondra alan  7/14/08  5:11 pm
Free public school education should be just that Joyce Stratton  7/14/08  3:27 pm
School Fees discriminate David McGlothlin  7/14/08  12:40 pm
school fees Linda Currence  7/14/08  12:18 pm
Revise school fee regulations Dylan Rosenthal  7/14/08  12:14 pm
Public School Fee Regulation Christa Pierpont  7/14/08  11:10 am
Please Eliminate School Fees Erin Crowgey, University of Virginia Law Student  7/14/08  9:51 am
School Fees Sally McClellan  7/14/08  9:35 am
Free means free ! Alex Gulotta  7/13/08  2:41 pm
school fees Patricia Brady, concerned citizen/parent  7/13/08  2:03 pm
school fees S Carey  7/12/08  8:48 pm
Please Prohibit School Fees John Whitfield  7/12/08  11:24 am
School Fees and Free Public Education Sheri Cogle  7/12/08  9:53 am
Please revise school fees Todd Niemeier, Quality Community Council, Inc.  7/12/08  3:31 am
School Fees Bridget Joyce, UVA Student  7/11/08  4:59 pm
school fees- just say no Dan Sullivan, UVa Student  7/11/08  4:04 pm
please revise regulations on public school fees Deena Hurwitz, Associate Professor, University of Virginia School of Law  7/11/08  3:32 pm
School fees Charisa Smith, JustChildren  7/11/08  2:43 pm
school fees Phil Storey  7/11/08  9:46 am
Mandatory school fees John Conover  7/10/08  10:57 pm
Eliminate public school fees Jason McKim  7/9/08  6:01 pm
Please revise the regulations on public school fees. Elizabeth Moore  7/9/08  12:28 pm
Please revise the school fee regulations! Margaret Cox, UVA student  7/8/08  1:31 pm
School Fees Katie Kellett  7/7/08  2:38 pm
Please revise the regulations on public school fees. Daniel Choi  7/7/08  1:59 pm
Re: School Fees Crystal Shin, University of Virginia Law Student  7/7/08  1:55 pm
shcool fees Kathleen Caldwell  7/7/08  1:44 pm
Please eliminate school fees Joy Johnson  7/7/08  12:55 pm
current regs BARGERATT,LLC  7/4/08  7:27 pm
eliminate school fees Ellen Kay Lamont  7/4/08  7:21 pm
School Fees Alison Crane, JustChildren  7/3/08  1:18 pm
School Fees Paul Crane  7/3/08  1:17 pm
Minimizing fees to realize a free public education. David Beidler  7/3/08  11:36 am
Please revise school fee regulations Angela Ciolfi, JustChildren/Legal Aid Justice Center  7/2/08  4:12 pm

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