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Regulations Governing Virginia Newborn Screening Services [12 VAC 5 ‑ 71]
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Amend regulations based on recommendations of VA Genetics Advisory Committee
Proposed Stage - View the regulatory documents

CLOSED     Opened on 7/14/2014 and Ended on 9/12/2014

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Comment Title Commenter
wonderful nataly jouseph  9/12/14  10:06 am
Please add SCID Newborn Screening Melba Atkinson  8/3/14  7:58 pm
SCID testing Virginia Rodriguez  7/29/14  11:53 am
add SCID testing Kristen Klaaren  7/27/14  10:32 am
Add SCID to newborn screening tests to save lives! Paige Rannigan  7/25/14  2:45 pm
SCID Gail Mattocks  7/23/14  7:20 pm
SCID Testing Alexandra Brunst  7/22/14  9:10 pm
SCID newborn screening Jasey Snead  7/22/14  11:38 am
Pass SCID newborn screening Kerri Madden  7/22/14  9:36 am
SCID screening Mary Cail  7/22/14  9:26 am
SCID Screenings Anne Gould  7/22/14  9:06 am
registered nurse/practitioner Diana Bower  7/22/14  9:04 am
Please vote in favor of SCID screening in newborns! Stephen Sielinski  7/22/14  8:33 am
Please add SCID testing for newborns. Jayne P Hollar  7/22/14  8:18 am
Please approve SCID screening for newborns Jenny Dimasi  7/22/14  7:51 am
please approve SCID screening charlotte hisey  7/22/14  7:26 am
Scids Patricia M. Rannigan  7/22/14  7:02 am
SCID TESTING IS A MUST!!! Marsha Meeks  7/21/14  11:13 pm
SCIDS testing Kay Ferguson  7/21/14  10:51 pm
So simple Cheryl Hughes  7/21/14  10:31 pm
Every child deserves a chance Judith Miller  7/21/14  9:54 pm
Please add SCID to routine newborn screenings Clare Rannigan  7/21/14  9:17 pm
I'm strongly in favor of SCID screening. It saves lives! Donna Varela  7/21/14  9:13 pm
This must be amended. Even 1 child lost to SCID is 1 too many. Laura Lilley-Bell  7/21/14  9:01 pm
If it could save 1 life it should be done crystal Simmons  7/21/14  8:48 pm
Please vote in favor of SCID screening in newborns! Tammy Wood  7/21/14  8:44 pm
This must happen! Edward Rodriguez  7/21/14  8:35 pm
In favor of SCID testing Robert C Rannigan  7/21/14  7:15 pm
Amend regulations to add Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) to Newborn Screening in Virginia Immune Deficiency Foundation  7/21/14  1:51 pm
SCID Newborn Screening getting closer to reality Barb Ballard  7/19/14  10:51 am

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