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Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation
Common Interest Community Board
47 guidance documents relevant to this board for the criteria specified

ID Title Effective Date  
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
5534 Restricted Participation in Examination Development & Review 6/3/2014 
6036 Board for Professional & Occupational Regulation Guidelines for Evaluation of Petitions for Regulation 9/22/2016 
5816 2023-24 New Board Member Manual 7/1/2023 
Policy #100-02 Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance 11/9/2023 
BOARD: Common Interest Community Board
4190 Evidence of Proper Fidelity Bond or Dishonesty Insurance and Sufficient Coverage Obtained by CIC Manager Applicant 3/2/2010 
4382 Definition of Employee in Section 54.1-2347(A) 12/2/2010 
5048 Applicability of the Common Interest Community Ombudsman Regulations on Solely Commercial Condominiums * 12/10/2020 
5049 CIC Manager Requirement to Obtain and Maintain a Separate Fidelity Bond or Insurance Policy to Comply with Section 54.1-2346.D of the Code of Virginia and 18 VAC 48-50-30.E of the Board's Regulations 12/10/2020 
5308 Letters of Credit in Lieu of Bonds 12/10/2020 
5311 Maximum Fees for Disclosure Packets & Resale Certificates Preparation 3/10/2023 
5331 CIC Waiver of Filing Fee for Final Adverse Decision 12/10/2020 
5603 RequiredDocumentation to Accompany Disclosure of Personal Adverse Financial History 12/3/2014 
5897 Best Practices for POAA Declarations 12/10/2015 
6256 Summary of Board Interpretations, Policies and Guidance Documents 8/18/2022 
6390 Determining Value of Blanket Surety Bonds Filed by Developers in Lieu of Escrow Deposits * 12/10/2020 
6391 Distribution of Time-Share Public Offering Statements and Purchaser Opportunity to Review Public Offering Statement Prior to Execution of a Contract * 4/29/2021 
6885 Guidelines for the Development of Reserve Studies for Capital Components * 9/5/2019 
6891 Form: Disclosure Form for Special Meeting to Extend Declarant Control Period 10/1/2019 
6911 Guidance Document: Procedure for Determination of Compliance with § 55.1-2220 and § 55.1-2234 12/10/2020 
7092 Common Interest Community Association Registration – Interpretive Guidance for 18VAC48-60-60 * 11/25/2021 
7192 Procedure for Consideration of Claims for Recovery from the Common Interest Community Management Recovery Fund 4/28/2022 
7545 Bulletin: Maximum Allowable Preparation Fees - Condominium Unit Owners’, Property Owners’, and Cooperative Proprietary Lessees’ Associations * 7/1/2023 
7546 Form: Common Interest Community Association Resale Certificate * 7/1/2023 
Policy #100-01 Establishing, Revising and Repealing Department Policy 5/22/2017 
Policy #100-03 Employee Use of Social Media 5/22/2017 
Policy #100-04 Release of Information 6/5/2017 
Policy #100-05 License Suspensions 5/22/2017 
Policy #100-06 Subpoenas/Service of Process/Notices 6/8/2017 
Policy #100-09 Gifts and Honoraria 6/5/2017 
Policy #100-11 Internet Website 6/8/2017 
Policy #100-14 Public Service Hours 9/24/2009 
Policy #100-17 Posting Information in Public Access Areas 6/8/2017 
Policy #100-18 Alternative Dispute Resolution 9/25/2009 
Policy #100-19 Ethics 11/1/2012 
Policy #200-18 Equal Employment Opportunity 3/17/2010 
Policy #300-01 Regulant Name & Address Change 6/13/2017 
Policy #300-02 Application & Application Fee Expiration 7/1/2018 
Policy #300-03 Expedited Licensing of Military Spouses 10/7/2016 
Policy #500-01 Purchasing 7/1/2018 
Policy #500-02 Contract and Purchase Order Modifications 7/1/2018 
Policy #600-01 Examination Fees 10/17/2018 
Policy #600-02 Examination Site Conduct 12/1/2019 
Policy #600-03 Restricted Participation in Examination Development & Review 6/3/2014 
Policy #700-03 Accounts Receivable and Debt Collection 7/1/2018 
Policy #700-04 Revenue Refunds 7/1/2018 
Policy #800-01 Criminal History Information & Online Public Records Information 6/13/2011 
Policy #800-02 Complaints Against Regulants 3/5/2010 

* Document applies to one or more specific chapters and not to the board as a whole