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Virginia Pollution Abatement Regulation and and General Permit for Poultry Waste Management [9 VAC 25 ‑ 630]
This chapter is exempt from the executive branch review process.
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Develop requirements that will address concerns regarding transfer and off-site management of poultry waste in the Commonwealth.
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CLOSED     Opened on 11/26/2007 and Ended on 1/11/2008

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Poultry Litter End User Regulaion / VFBF opposes further regulation of poultru litter Wilmer Stoneman, Virginia Farm Bureau Federation  1/11/08  3:33 pm
View poultry litter as an under-utilized economic opportunity Bruce Fedor / Laughing Brook Farm  1/11/08  11:20 am
Require nutrient management for all poultry litter users Katherine E. Slaughter, Southern Environmental Law Center  1/8/08  4:14 pm
Poultry litter needs stricter restrictions than sewage sludge because it is phosphorus-rich Dr. Lynton S. Land, Northumberland Association for Progressive Stewardship  1/8/08  9:02 am
unfair practice Mike Campbell  12/24/07  11:21 pm
i agree petra  12/20/07  6:25 pm
End Users of Poultry Waste Tad Williams  12/19/07  10:32 am

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