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General Notice: DRAFT Sports Betting Licensing and Consumer Protection Regulations

red dot In Progress!     Opened on 7/15/2020 and closes at 11:59pm on 9/9/2020

The draft Sports Betting Licensing and Consumer Protection Regulations are now available on the Virginia Lottery website:

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 Comment Title  Commenter
GLI-33 Please Anonymous  8/4/20  3:45 pm
Competitive Pricing Joseph Williams  8/2/20  7:20 pm
Fast Withdrawal Options and Clear Promotional Terms Joseph Williams  7/29/20  11:21 am
Not Allowing Sportsbooks to Disallow Bets From Players That Win Consistently Joseph Williams  7/29/20  2:21 am
Instant Payouts C Moore  7/27/20  9:35 am
Allow online sportsbooks Justin Palanchi  7/17/20  4:02 pm
Withdrawal options and promo terms Tom Atwater  7/17/20  3:29 pm
Prevent sportsbook operators from cutting off a customer for being a consistent winner Tom Atwater  7/17/20  3:24 pm
Require speedy withdrawal options Adam Whitt  7/16/20  4:49 pm
Clear promo terms should be required Adam Whitt  7/16/20  4:46 pm
Legalize Gambling Marlon Dean-Duru  7/15/20  5:41 pm
Please legalize sports gambling in Virginia Ted Phillips  7/15/20  5:36 pm

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