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9/24/20  4:45 pm
Commenter: Robert H,

Opposed to these “regulations”

I am a business owner, and I am highly opposed to these so called regulations, that have been put in place over 6 months ago.

These rules have done very little to prevent any spread of the virus. Especially creating a high load and demand on small business, which have little to no effect on the spread of the virus. When there would have been more effective rules put in place on larger businesses that have high traffic and interaction with the public!

Small businesses are close groups that do not interact in large quantities with a vast number of the general public. Where as the large businesses that have thousands of public interactions, sometimes per hour, are allowed to have less strict rules. This does nothing to hinder the spread of this virus.

further, it is because of these types of regulations that just about every industry now is suffering from an inability to keep up with production!

The restrictions caused several businesses to lay off people because they could not meet the demands, and to close their factories. They did this as a temporary measure and many as a permanent closure because they would not recover from it! 

With these shut downs the supply chain has been backlogged and strained, and it will continue to get worse. Many businesses are just deciding to ignore them, so they can just remain operational or even meet critical demand.

If you want to stop the spread of this virus, it is not the businesses you need to turn to for restrictions, but the general public on education! They don’t understand how it spreads, how to properly sanitize, how to even care for themselves. Instead they require more rules to be put in place to try and stop a spread that they need to be educated on.

Its sad when I hear people talking in public that they think the virus spreads because of rain, or because they received a box in the mail, or drinking certain brands of liquid or even food will give it to them.

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