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9/24/20  4:47 pm
Commenter: Michael Miles, Construction

Construction Equipment Foreman

I am strongly against the protocols that are present today from becoming permanent.  Not only are they obtrusive in daily work and personal interactions with others, but the use of a mask as a preventer of disease transmittal is still in question.  The CDC printed opinions in 2017 the masks do not help. The WHO has vacillated between both options. My second and personal reason is that those who are hard of hearing need to see peoples mouth's to work out what people are saying.  The wearing of masks defeats this ability and has now isolated a portion of our society from being able to communicate while out and about with others they come in contact with in our daily activities.  I am a part of the hearing impaired society and find communication in food and retail stores very difficult and have on occasions had to have my children interpret for me. I am not a scientist or scholar, but I do know that we are social animals, we need people and this type of egregious draconian restriction takes away out independence and our humanity. Whether it is or not, it sure seems to be a measure being driven by todays political climate. Lets have  rational thought and discourse from all parties to come to a workable way to live in our social world and not make a lost generation be the next catch phrase to identify an age group of our community.

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