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9/24/20  4:42 pm
Commenter: Greenwood Stores

Building Owners

Can everyone say Discrimination?  Tenant business will be greatly impacted negatively if a tenant has to disclose to a landlord a positive case & then that has to be passed on to other tenants? Common areas? Those are mostly outside and comprised of concrete, asphalt, & shrubbery. What is to be sanitized? This is totally ludicrous, unfounded, and a waste of time, energy & money. Have the people who wrote this proposal ever visited a landlord owned location? Should this hold true for apartment buildings? Talk about having tenants targeted for threats, bad blood, & other negative actions!! This proposal puts our citizens, businesses, & way of life (including our civil liberties & freedom) at risk. STOP the over-reaching. Church and state was separated for a reason. State and privately-owned need to stay separate. It’s hard enough to stay in business with the over-taxation that has to be passed on to consumers. Now you want increased expenses to be passed on in a time of business turn-down? Leave our freedom alone!!!  Trust that we are a Commonwealth full of decent, intelligent, and responsible citizens and know how to do the right thing without it being mandated! OPPOSED!!!!

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