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Department of Energy
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8/20/18  11:10 am
Commenter: Melanie De Cola

renewable only energy plan

The time for action is here and has been for decades. With advances in solar, wind (on and offshore) EVs, battery storage and effecient appliance technology we no longer need to be investing in fossil fuel-based energy projects. We no longer require and all of the above strategy. We can power the state of Virginia with renewables and it is imperative that we start now. Facebook and Microsoft understand this and the benefits of their large solar projects should not be restricted to corporate entities. Communities all across Virginia are advocating for solar and wind projects. You should be incentivizing homeowners to install solar on their home, look how easy it is in DC with healthy PACE financing programs and community solar networks. Virginia should lift the net metering cap and allow people to put as much solar on their properties as their roofs and lots will allow. And as someone who has rented for most of her life I would pay more in electricity bills if I could purchase solar power as a rental tenant. I would also appreciate programs to allow renters to purchase smart thermostats and more efficient appliances.

Climate change is here! We cannot wait any longer and set timid 10 or 20% renewable goals. witht the expansive shorline of the state of Virginia and highly efficient solar panels now on the market we need to go all in on renewable energy projects now! No more pipelines, no more fossil fuel investment and noe more subsidizing of Dominions dirty energy projects!

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