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Department of Energy
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8/12/18  12:18 am
Commenter: Deborah Norton

Explore energy alternatives NOW

I hope that the Commonwealth's Energy Plan will do the following:

Eliminate barriers to customer owned and third party financing of solar power and encourage incentives for solar power. Make solar power viable and usable for the average consumer! 

Encourage the development of wind power.

Develop proposed hydroelectric storage facilities to store wind and solar power (NOT fossil fuel generated power), and build on brownfields NOT greenfields

Require utilities and regulators to work harder to reduce retail electric consumption 10% by 2020

Place a moratorium on new fracked gas pipelines; the existing infrastructure can already meet our needs. No more pipelines for fracked gas!

Build an infrastructure for biking in Va cities and countrysides and encourage biking and pedestrian mobility. Study the Netherlands for a good model.

Devote time and money to trains, buses, and tram systems. Educate the public about transportation alternatives. 




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