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Department of Energy
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8/12/18  10:05 am
Commenter: Susan Ewald

Be a Leader in Energy Policy

Virginia has not been a leader in energy policy. "All of the above" is not working. We continue to approve oil pipelines for projected demand for fossil fuel, while discouraging the change to alternative energy in small ways (for example, the more expensive registration fees for electric cars and limitations on the size of solar installations). Virginians living on the Atlantic coast are already experiencing the loss of property and other economic impacts due to stronger and more frequent extreme weather. The U.S. Navy shipyards and bases are in similar peril. To reverse this trend, the 2018 plan should set an aggressive deadline to reduce CO2 emissions.

1. Work toward a reliable and secure distributed power grid based on solar and wind energy. Create the incentives to install solar panels and wind power wherever possible.

2. Stop discouraging the use of electric vehicles; encourage drivers to stop burning fossil fuels for their daily commutes. Fossil fuels should be reserved for more important purposes.

3. Prohibit fracking and other environmentally poisonous methods of extracting oil, and stop building unnecessary pipelines.

4. Prohibit offshore drilling on the Virginia coastline. This is an oil spill waiting to soak our coastline in petroleum.

Virginia can lead the way in sustainable energy policy for a brighter future!

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