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3/3/13  12:50 pm
Commenter: Will Addison

Time for emancipation proclamation for the unborn

America is suffering from the effects of a spiritual decline in our culture. With the advances in medical science that perhaps were not availble in 1972, there can be no doubt that the unborn represent  human life. We have a choice in America ;either we defend life in all stages, or we can make value jugements which exclude specific groups from that protection.

Under Roe vs Wade, the Supreme Court left the question to human life as fetus unanswered, subject to later interpretation as information came available. That time is now. Continuing on our current path, where the unborn are only valued and protected when they are wanted, teaches a dangerous message to society. Therefore, when adults can openly and guiltessly kill their children, why should we be suprised when children themselves become killers?


The horrendous crimes we have witnessed in schools and theatres recently cannot be viewed in a vacuum.Our current

attitudes do have consequences. We are creating a generation of barbarians to whom life in any stage has no value.

Government and the media , unwilling to make moral judgement on this disregard for life, would rather find fault with legal ownership of certain/all firearms. Once again, the legal ownership , not the decision to do harm is roundly condemned. 

After all, barbarians must be disarmed, don't you know.UInfortunately there is no discrimination between barnarians and law abiding citizens where the gun haters are concerned.

In the final analysis, the survival  of our constitutional replublic is in the hands of those willing to take a stand against

the formidible and well financed forces of Planned Parenthood, the media , Hollywood and the Democratic party.

Let it not go unsaid, that abortion, not unlike salvery, is a very profitable enterprise, generating million of dollars in revenue.

Adding insult to injury, the federal government subsidizes Planned Parenthood through our tax revenue, and that was before obamacare rammed abortion under the doors of every faith based organization or private enterprise in America.

We can turn our backs on the unborn under the disingenuos guise of women's health, but we must be willing to accept the unintended consequences we are now suffering. Or we can obey God's laws and return to a time when America enjoyed the protection of providence. This is the real choice, and it is all ours to make.


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