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Department of Health Professions
Board of Pharmacy
Regulations Governing the Licensure of Pharmacists and Registration of Pharmacy Technicians [18 VAC 110 ‑ 21]
73 guidance documents relevant to this chapter for the criteria specified

ID Title Effective Date  
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
76-10.01 Delegation to agency subordinates 10/13/2022 
76-10.02 Providing Sanction Reference Point worksheets to Respondents 5/3/2018 
76-10.03 Subpoenas for Disciplinary Hearings 12/22/2022 
76-10.05 Reports to The Data Bank 1/5/2023 
76-10.06 Disciplinary process for cases involving non-compliance with section 54.1-2400.6 1/5/2023 
76-10.12 Participation of adjudication specialists in closed sessions 8/9/2017 
76-10.17 Publication of Notices and Orders on the Department websites 1/5/2023 
76-10.24 Summary suspensions and restrictions 3/6/2018 
76-20 Adjudication Manual - Disciplinary process 11/10/2022 
76-20.01 Communication with the media 5/15/2018 
76-20.04 Disclosure of non-investigative information by the Department 1/5/2023 
76-20.05 Disclosure of Information to Health Practitioner Monitoring Program 1/5/2023 
76-30.2 Procurement of professional services 1/5/2023 
76-34 Reporting by Hospitals and Other Health Care Institutions 9/16/2021 
76-35 Virginia Freedom of Information Act Requests 9/1/2022 
76-39 Guidelines for Pro Hac Vice practice 12/14/2017 
76-40.01 Receipt and investigation of allegations of misconduct 1/5/2023 
76-40.02 Unlicensed activity 1/5/2023 
76-40.05 Diciplinary cases involving board members 1/5/2023 
76-80.12 Extension of time for active duty service members or spouses 1/5/2023 
76-90.01 Prescription Drug Monitoring Advisory Committee 5/4/2018 
76-90.02 Custodians of records 1/5/2023 
76-90.03 Foreign applicants and social security numbers 12/8/2022 
76-90.05 Principles/Establishment of Fees 1/5/2023 
BOARD: Board of Pharmacy
110-1 List of categories of facility licenses and a brief description of each 11/25/2021 
110-10 Dispensing drugs from a mobile van 2/2/2023 
110-11 Proof of identity for schedule II drugs 2/2/2023 
110-12 Bylaws of the Board of Pharmacy 11/12/2020 
110-13 Guidance on use of collaborative agreements 2/4/2021 
110-14 Proximity of a School or Daycare to a Cannabis Dispensing Facility 5/27/2021 
110-15 Delegation of authority for disciplinary action to the executive director of the Board 2/6/2020 
110-16 Performing inventories 8/6/2020 
110-17 Instructions for graduates of foreign schools of pharmacy 8/5/2021 
110-18 Advance preparation for administration 12/9/2019 
110-19 Use of automated dispensing devices in certain facilities 11/25/2021 
110-2 Instructions for applicants for Pharmacist Licensure 8/5/2021 
110-20 Criminal background checks of material owners fo pharmaceutical processors or cannabis dispensing facilities 10/27/2022 
110-21 Sanction Reference Manual 12/10/2018 
110-22 Dispensing records; identification of pharmacist 8/6/2020 
110-23 Inspection deficiency monetary penalty guide for physicians selling drugs 2/6/2020 
110-24 Guidance for setting NAPLEX passing score 2/2/2023 
110-25 Guidance for life of a prescription after a prescriber no longer in practice 10/27/2022 
110-26 Pharmacy Working Conditions 5/12/2022 
110-27 Pharmacist-In-Charge responsibilities 5/27/2021 
110-28 Guidance for free clinic pharmacy permit applicants 2/2/2023 
110-29 Guidance document for practitioners dispensing 2/4/2021 
110-3 Guidance on alternative delivery of prescriptions, pharmacy to physician or pharmacy to controlled substance registrant 9/16/2021 
110-30 Drugs within animal shelters 11/25/2021 
110-31 Approved capture drugs and drug administering equipment, Directive from the State Veterinarian 11/25/2021 
110-32 Cannabis: Potential Drug Interactions 8/4/2022 
110-33 Pharmacy Interns as Pharmacy Technicians; Pharmacy Technician Ratio 11/26/2022 
110-34 Manufacturer and wholesale distributor license 11/25/2021 
110-35 Requirements for Prescriptions 10/27/2022 
110-36 Compliance with USP Standards for Compounding 11/28/2019 
110-37 Access to Prescriptions During Unanticipated Shortened Hours 6/8/2023 
110-38 Requirement for Non-resident Pharmacies to Submit Inspection Report 3/30/2021 
110-39 Hours of continuous work and breaks for pharmacists 2/4/2021 
110-4 Continuing Education Guide for Pharmacists 3/18/2021 
110-40 Guidance on access to the premises of a pharmaceutical processor by contractor 2/4/2021 
110-41 Guidance on Emergency Medical Services Drug Kits 11/25/2021 
110-42 Continuing education audit and recommended sanctions 2/3/2022 
110-43 Dispensing with an authorized generic 2/2/2023 
110-44 Protocol for the Prescribing and Dispensing of Naloxone 6/8/2023 
110-46 Delivery of dispensed drugs 12/11/2017 
110-47 Provision of counseling and information by pharmacists on proper drug disposal 2/2/2023 
110-48 Verification Sources for a Pharmaceutical Processor 8/6/2020 
110-49 Credentials for Nonresident Pharmacy Dispensing only for Animals 8/6/2020 
110-5 Instructions and forms for reporting of thefts or losses of drugs 11/25/2021 
110-50 Pharmacy Administration Records 6/8/2023 
110-6 Guidance for pharmacies within opioid treatment programs 10/27/2022 
110-7 Practitioner/patient relationship and the prescribing of drugs for family or self 8/17/2021 
110-8 Information on prescriptive authority in Virginia 8/17/2021 
110-9 Pharmacy Inspection Deficiency Monetary Penalty Guide 7/6/2023  Changes Being Made

Documents listed are for the parent board or agency since they may be relevant to this chapter. No guidance documents apply to this chapter specifically.