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Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired
50 guidance documents relevant to this agency for the criteria specified
Documents applying to multiple boards may be listed under each board.

ID Title Effective Date  
Agency level documents applying to all of this agency's boards
DBVI GM-02-05 Agency Policy 502 Donation of Equipment 9/16/2020 
DBVI-GM-19-02 DBVI Agency Policy 23 and the DBVI Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan 2/6/2019 
DBVI-GM-20-01 DBVI COVID-19 Policy 6/26/2020 
DBVI-GM-20-02 DBVI COVID-19 Policy Updates 7/31/2020 
DBVI-GM-20-03 DBVI COVID-19 Policy Updates 8/21/2020 
DBVI-GM-20-04 DBVI COVID-19 Policy Updates 9/14/2020 
DBVI-GM-21-01 DBVI COVID-19 Policy Updates 1/20/2021 
DBVI-GM-21-2 Emergency Preparedness Core Team 8/17/2021 
DBVI-GM-21-3 Policy 402 - Calendars and Itineraries - Revised 9/17/2021 
DBVI-GM-21-4 Agency Policy 2 Security - Revised 10/19/2021 
DBVI-GM-21-5 Agency Policy 3 - Virginia Indoor Clean Air Act – Revised 12/2/2021 
DS-19-01 RT-IL Chapter 8E Addition of Guidelines for Support Canes 2/20/2019 
DS-19-02 Voter Registration Procedure 2/25/2019 
DS-21-01 Order of Selection 2/23/2021 
DS-21-02 Vocational Rehabilitation Equipment Donation Policy and Procedure 3/19/2020 
DS-21-03 Rehabilitation Teaching Pre-Employment Transition Services 7/21/2021 
DS-GM-17-06 Extended Services, Annual Reviews, and Sub-Minimum Wage Requirements 12/12/2017 
DS-GM-17-08 Updates to the iCanConnect Program 12/12/2017 
DS-GM-17-09 Rehabilitation Teaching/Independent Living Program Cost Containment Measures 12/12/2017 
DS-GM-18-01 DBVI Agency Policy Manual Category: General 1/4/2018 
DS-GM-18-02 DBVI Agency Policy Manual Category: Equipment and Supplies 9/22/2018 
DS-GM-18-03 DBVI Agency Policy Manual Category: Human Resources 1/1/2018 
DS-GM-18-04 Scripted Messages 1/31/2018 
DS-GM-18-05 Rehabilitation Teaching/Independent Living Income Guidelines for 2018 1/7/2018 
DS-GM-18-07 Older Blind Grant Program Evaluation 4/9/2018 
DS-GM-18-08 DBVI Agency Policy Manual Category: Human Resources 4/27/2018 
DS-GM-18-10 Guidance on Budget Restrictions for the Rehabilitation Teaching/Independent Living Program 11/14/2018 
DS-GM-18-11 DBVI Agency Policy Manual Category: General - Professional Boundaries 11/6/2018 
DS-GM-21-01 Field Staff Itineraries 3/13/2021 
DS-PPD 20-01 Waiver of Eligibility Determine Deadline (Application-E) Time Extension for IPE Development (Eligible-E) 1/27/2020 
DS-PPD 20-02 Order of selection individuals to be moved off of the waiting list. 2/26/2020 
DS-PPD 20-05 Order of Selection Individuals to be Moved Off of the Waitlist 5/27/2020 
DS-PPD-02-09 Electronic Signature Policy, IPE Signature Requirements, and Actual Services Documentation of Units of Service 8/14/2020 
DS-PPD-02-11 Revised Eye Exam Report 8/26/2020 
DS-PPD-17-2 DBVI Vocational Rehabilitation Manual Revisions 12/12/2017 
DS-PPD-18-01 Reciprocal Services Between Virginia Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies 5/9/2018 
DS-PPD-18-02 Rehabilitation Teaching/Independent Living Policy - Voter Registration 6/13/2018 
DS-PPD-20-03 Revised VR Policy and Procedures Manual 4/1/2020 
DS-PPD-20-04 Revised Application for Vocational Rehabilitation Services and General Application for Services 5/22/2020 
DS-PPD-20-06 COVID-19 Temporary VR Policy and Procedure Exceptions 6/15/2020 
DS-PPD-20-07 Supported Employment Policy Revisions 7/8/2020 
DS-PPD-20-08 Order of Selection Individuals to be moved off of the wait list 7/23/2020 
DS-PPD-20-10 Actual Services documentation of Units of Services; Gift Card Policy 8/24/2020 
DS-PPD-20-12 Revised DBVI Health Checklist 9/8/2020 
DS-PPD-20-13 Increase in Low Vision Fees 9/28/2020 
DS-PPD-20-14 Order of Selection Individuals to be moved off the waiting list 10/1/2020 
DS-PPD-20-15 Vocational Rehabilitation Referral and Application Policy and Procedure 10/19/2020 
DS-PPD-20-16 Vocational Rehabilitation Equipment Donation Policy and Procedure 10/29/2020 
DS-PPD-20-17 Services Division Referral and Application Procedures 11/2/2020 
DS-PPD-20-18 Supported Employment and Customized Employment 12/18/2020