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Regulations for authorized onsite soil evaluators [12 VAC 5 ‑ 615]
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Repeal of Authorized Onsite Soil Evaluator Regulations
Fast-Track Stage - View the regulatory documents

CLOSED     Opened on 8/12/2013 and Ended on 9/11/2013

10 or more objections have been filed.   What does this mean? See code of Virginia
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 Comment Title  Commenter
Oppose Fast Track Process to Reduce Private Sector Input James B Slusser  9/11/13  11:46 pm
Objection to the fast track action bob marshall / cloverleaf env. cnslt., inc.  9/11/13  11:39 pm
Oppose Fast-Track Repeal of Authorized Onsite Soil Evaluator Regulations Robert Charnley  9/11/13  8:05 pm
Opposition of Fast Track Process Virginia Association of Onsite Soil Evaluators  9/11/13  2:12 pm
Oppose Repeal of AOSE Regulations S. Michael Lynn  9/11/13  10:13 am
Oppose Fast Track Process for 12VAC5-615 Alan Brewer  9/11/13  8:46 am
Repeal of the AOSE Regulations Peter K. Kesecker, Soil Services, Inc  9/10/13  5:08 pm
Delay repeal of regulations until standards of practice are captured elsewhere Robert E. Lee, P.E.  9/10/13  3:45 pm
Oppose Stephen White, AOSE, LPSS  9/10/13  3:14 pm
No to the repeal of AOSE Regulation Janet Swords  9/7/13  8:48 pm
Delay repeal of 615 Tom W. Ashton  9/7/13  8:46 am
Oppose this action Tony Bible, Southwest Environmental Consulting, Inc.  9/5/13  7:19 pm
Stop one more bad decision. Fast tracking will not serve the public… Carbaugh Environmental  9/4/13  8:03 pm
Oppose this action William Sledjeski, PSS, AOSE  9/4/13  5:04 pm
Fast Tracking the Removal of Guidelines/Regulations Kym Willoughby Harper, AOSE, LRH Soil Consultants, Inc.  9/4/13  9:38 am
Oppose Fast Track to Repeal Authorized Onsite Soil Evaluator Regulations Robert Savage, AOSE  8/29/13  4:00 pm
Oppose Kevin Seaford  8/29/13  9:19 am
Oppose David Hall  8/28/13  8:02 pm
repeal of the aose/ose program Dan Manweiler  8/27/13  7:17 pm
Oppose Repeal of the AOSE Regulations Steve Eitner, AOSE  8/27/13  1:26 pm
Opposition to Fast Tracking Jeff Sledjeski, OSE  8/27/13  12:33 pm
Oppose repealing the AOSE regulations Tim Parker AOSE  8/26/13  8:31 pm
Oppose repealing AOSE Regs Mark Smith Soil Consultants Drilling  8/26/13  7:32 pm
Capture and retain standards of practice Nan Gray, AOSE, LPSS Soil Works, Inc.  8/26/13  2:01 pm
Oppose repealing AOSE regs Kirk R. Sweeney  8/26/13  1:12 pm
Oppose Repeal of the AOSE Regulations David K Hogan, AOSE CPSS  8/26/13  12:32 pm
Delay repeal of the AOSE Regulations Robert Melby  8/26/13  10:35 am
Repeal of the AOSE/OSE Program Gary C. Renger, OSE  8/25/13  3:54 pm
Capture and retain standards of practice Jeff T. Walker  8/23/13  9:03 am
Repeal of AOSE Regulations K.R. "Trapper" Davis  8/23/13  7:46 am

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