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3/19/20  8:09 pm
Commenter: Gary Miller

this isnt right

So first off I'd like to ask a question, do disabled people have the same rights as the rest of us...? I like to believe so, I like to think my tax money is used for some good, but it doesn't seem that way to me, for a disabled person to have a normal life they need to be able to function at an adequate level, they need a certain amount of work and difficulty of life handled for them, and in that regard Consumer Directed programs allow them to live their lives their way just like the rest of us. As an attendant for about eight or nine years now I've watched this system change and evolve to HELP the people involved, but this is just a sell out by our state government against its less able citizens, have you been to Celltrak's page? I have, it's a big advertisement offering MORE MONEY so they took it, they didn't think about all of the old people caring for their ailing and disabled families who never had time to keep up with technology in the first place, they didn't think about the attendants too busy working to remember time ins and outs on their cell phones when they SHOULD be working instead of on their phones, and they sure as Hell didn't think about the people with actual problems and hard enough lives when they decided to make this crap law and put them all at risk of losing attendants, family, or even facing being forced into a home because YOU took their options away for a few more bucks. The one good thing you ever did was giving the disabled some power over their lives, stop breaking your own laws(Disabilities Act), making laws(EVV and Celltrak monitoring), to make more money the people of this state will never see used on them, quit being greedy for once. All this stuff has done is stressed out everyone involved, ruined or at least damaged all functioning parts of the Consumer Directed programs, and must have surely cost VA, the taxpayer, and the disabled community enough time and money already to prove this experiment failed, it's time to go back before it's too late or at the very least allow the older users of this system the ways they're used to instead of bullying them into the unkbown using the law as a threat.

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