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3/19/20  1:53 pm
Commenter: Donna Goldbranson

EVV poorly planned poorly rolled out please stop it and give us our lives back

Bottom line up front: This is not an EVV system that is ready to be in place yet. It is not working reliably.

CellTrak arbitrarily drops shifts that have been correctly clocked in and clocked out. CellTrak is an unsupported system for users with tech issues. A user has no ability to correct ANYTHING before logging out and "submitting" the erroneous hours - which then must be corrected with CDCN. EOR's do not have any ability to use CellTrak to monitor shifts to see if there are errors real time. 

CDCN web portals lack functionality that allow EOR's to actually manage what we are attesting to. There are no prompts that let an attendant know there are any issues with their time on CellTrak or their web portals. 

Celltrak and CDCN web portals do not sync up and neither do attendants web portals to EOR web portals sync up in a meaningful way. I have been left with attendants seeing shifts "submitted" for approval by EOR on their web portals and I do not have them visible on my EOR web portal to approve. The only way to correct anything is to call or email CDCN. 

When you correct hours for attendants through CDCN you do not know when you will ultimately be paid for those corrected hours...really? Hours worked, approved and submitted should be paid immediately. 

Service facilitators have been able to provide zero help with these issues.  

This is a system that was set up with a premise of "YOU ARE A LIAR". Unfortunately, a system was purchased/contracted that ensures nothing - it doesn't work. I have not had a correct pay period yet for our attendants. I spend many unpaid hours reviewing our household calendars to be able to correct time that has disappeared that "we've logged in/out with CellTrak".

This has been poorly planned, poorly rolled out, poorly supported and the individuals who are paying the price are attendants not getting paid correctly, the service recipients losing attendants and the EOR's spending many, many hours trying to "recoup" pay for attendants.

Please review the requirements of the EVV mandate and the deliverables of CellTrak and CDCN to meet those requirements and hold them accountable. The accountability message seems to be one-sided residing only with service recipients/attendants/EOR's. There are many other players involved in making this system workable. 

The problems Virginia is facing with EVV is not user errors, lack of training or fraud. It is a that the technology and contracted services are simply not working. 

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