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Department of General Services
Regulations Banning Concealed Firearms in Offices Occupied by Executive Branch Agencies [1 VAC 30 ‑ 105]
Action Promulgation of new regulation banning concealed firearms in executive branch agency offices
Stage Proposed
Comment Period Ended on 10/21/2016
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10/21/16  4:26 pm
Commenter: Jonathan C

I strongly oppose this regulation

The Gun Free Zones established at San Bernardino, Washington Navy Yard, Aurora Theater, Sandy Hook Elementary School, Columbine High School, and Virginia Tech did nothing to save lives. It made it all much easier to kill innocent people.

If an evil person has set in their mind they are going to commit murder, which is already illegal, no law or policy forbidding firearms will stop them. They'll ignore the Gun Free Zone like they chose to ignore the laws that make killing or attempting to kill illegal.

A criminal does not even need a firearm to cause serious bodily injury or death. In September 2014 at Vaughan Foods in Oklahoma, an employee was beheaded and several other employees were attacked with a knife. The situation was ended when the attacker was shot by another employee who was carrying their own firearm. Had Vaughan Foods been a "Gun Free Zone" more people could have been killed.

The way to save lives is to give law abiding citizens the option to carry and use the means necessary to stop evil people with evil intent.

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