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Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities [REPEALED] [12 VAC 5 ‑ 412]
Action Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities
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Comment Period Ends 3/29/2013
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3/28/13  10:18 am
Commenter: Morgan Barr


These regulations are an affront to women in the state of Virginia. You argue that this is about women's health and safety, but it is about the exact opposite. It's an insult to our intelligence to call this anything but yet another attempt to keep women from having access to the care they want and need. Denying women access to safe, legal abortions will do nothing but hurt women's health. It will hurt families. It won't end abortion. It will ensure that women who would have gone to these clinics don't receive the care they need. They will still have abortions, just as women have done around the world for thousands of years. They just won't be safe, and more women will be hurt. More families will be hurt.

I'm appalled that this is still happening in the 21st Century in this country. Republicans say they are the party of freedom, of small, unobtrusive government. I don't know how you can get any more invasive when you want to regulate what I do with my body. I guess freedom and choice are only due to men. The best way to prevent abortions would be to ensure that women have sex education and access to affordable birth control and medical care. These facts are undeniable, yet you work to deny women there as well.

You say you care about women and children, yet you've regulated the size of abortion clinic doors more than you have the providers of child care in this state. It's utter hypocrisy. I don't know how you sleep at night.

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