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Unprofessional conduct - conversion therapy
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CLOSED     Opened on 7/8/2019 and Ended on 8/7/2019

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XX and XY Chromosomes are Science Fact. Do Not Deny the Facts. Mike McDonald, Knights of Columbus  8/8/19  12:29 am
An unjust law is no law at all. Joshua Witter  8/8/19  12:09 am
End “Conversion Therapy” Larry Williamson  8/8/19  12:03 am
No to conversion therapy Scot Sumner  8/8/19  12:00 am
Let parents have their say Laura Barton  8/7/19  11:59 pm
Conversion Therapy Camille Withers  8/7/19  11:57 pm
Protect Parental Rights Lynne G.  8/7/19  11:56 pm
Do Not Adopt the Dangerous and Unconstitutional Board of Counseling's Guidance Document Wanda Wylam, M.S.  8/7/19  11:55 pm
Define conversion therapy first Jennifer White  8/7/19  11:54 pm
Unscientific and harmful! Michael Bussee, Former Ex-gay Leaders Alliance  8/7/19  11:52 pm
Banning Conversion Therapy is an act of Suicide Prevention Christopher Gravatt  8/7/19  11:52 pm
Do not implement a ban Kelly  8/7/19  11:51 pm
End the Practice Michael Reiser  8/7/19  11:51 pm
Banning conversion therapy is putting your political views above the people supposedly serve Robert B  8/7/19  11:45 pm
The gov should not be in the sin business Mike Boring  8/7/19  11:40 pm
Virginia families should have freedom to choose the counseling they believe is best for their childr Susan Andrews  8/7/19  11:40 pm
ban on conversion Therapy Colleen Serra  8/7/19  11:39 pm
Ban what? Counselling to someone who wants it? Kath Ryan  8/7/19  11:39 pm
Do not ban therapy for transgenders. Lisa Mohr  8/7/19  11:36 pm
Ban Conversation Therapy Father Maury Nye D'Angelo, Grand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence  8/7/19  11:34 pm
Where is the freedom? Martha Witter  8/7/19  11:31 pm
Why prevent someone who wants help to get it? Daniel Ware  8/7/19  11:31 pm
Reparative or Ex-Gay "therapy" is abusive and potentially lethal: my story David Christie  8/7/19  11:29 pm
It’s a free country, let people pick the kind of counselor they want-NOT YOU Paula Abrams  8/7/19  11:24 pm
Healing John Palmer  8/7/19  11:23 pm
Do not ban conversion therapy Anndra  8/7/19  11:21 pm
Do not ban conversion therapy! Samuel Guillen  8/7/19  11:21 pm
The government has no business in regulating mental health assistance Janie Rodriguez-Roe  8/7/19  11:17 pm
Do NOT ban conversion therapy! JS Elliot  8/7/19  11:14 pm
Ban forced conversion therapy Susan Palmer  8/7/19  11:13 pm
Resist the GLBT thought police. Don  8/7/19  11:08 pm
Protect Our Youth Cathy Marshall  8/7/19  11:07 pm
We need to ban conversion therapy Oliver  8/7/19  11:05 pm
Ban limits scientific, professional and parental rights Daniel White  8/7/19  11:04 pm
Don't Ban Free Speech or Trample Parents Rights Sharon Martin  8/7/19  11:02 pm
ban conversion therapy for minors Elizabeth Fogarty  8/7/19  10:56 pm
Do not ban conversion therapy Elizabeth  8/7/19  10:54 pm
Let parents and families choose therapies they want Mary Hasson  8/7/19  10:52 pm
Ban conversion therapy EGF  8/7/19  10:48 pm
Ban conversion therapy Christa Castle  8/7/19  10:46 pm
Don't censor speech you don't like. Rich Gaffin  8/7/19  10:46 pm
! Kaylee Hall  8/7/19  10:43 pm
Virginia families have the right to choose the therapy they feel is best for their children. D Northrup  8/7/19  10:43 pm
Ralph Northam is a baby-murdering satanist Virginia resident  8/7/19  10:40 pm
Prohibiting Professional Counseling Robert Marshall  8/7/19  10:39 pm
You are a governor, not a king, not a mental health expert L. Kouroupis  8/7/19  10:38 pm
Do not ban Conversion Therapy Daniel K Campbell  8/7/19  10:38 pm
We must ban conversion therapy Dwan P  8/7/19  10:37 pm
Why is this even necessary?! Ban it Nathan Moubray  8/7/19  10:36 pm
Do Not Ban Conversion Therapy Elizabeth  8/7/19  10:34 pm
Ban would scientifically unsound, and politically motivated Peter D. Robinson  8/7/19  10:33 pm
A Ban on Conversation Therapy is Unjust Stephen  8/7/19  10:32 pm
Do not go against parental rights Philip Briggs  8/7/19  10:32 pm
No Conversion Ban Peter Spargo  8/7/19  10:32 pm
Allow choice of counseling JC  8/7/19  10:30 pm
We Must Ban Conversion Therapy Finn Murray, MHC Diversity  8/7/19  10:29 pm
No ban on conversion therapy Susan Healy  8/7/19  10:29 pm
Ban conversion therapy RMB  8/7/19  10:28 pm
I vote nay on this proposed measure D. Marcks  8/7/19  10:27 pm
This type of therapy is in humane and despicable. It should no longer be allowed. Beth Bell  8/7/19  10:26 pm
Your proposed ban is overreach N.J. Shore, MSW  8/7/19  10:25 pm
IF someone seeks help with gender dysphoria or other issues of own free will -should be available Sharon Metro  8/7/19  10:24 pm
Unprofessional conduct - conversion therapy Your name  8/7/19  10:21 pm
Unbelievable Josephine longo  8/7/19  10:21 pm
Keep children from homosexual sin - allow conversion therapy David Pegram  8/7/19  10:19 pm
No Ban Tricia Chopski  8/7/19  10:16 pm
AFSP Supports the NOIRA re: regulations 18VAC115-20, -30, -50, and -60 Nicole Gibson, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)  8/7/19  10:15 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy for Minors Jeffrey Harwood  8/7/19  10:15 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy!!! Kaye Pacifico MHC Diversity  8/7/19  10:13 pm
No Ban David Chopski  8/7/19  10:10 pm
Ban conversion therapy Stephanie Dean  8/7/19  10:10 pm
Ban Conversation Therapy Dr. Gregory S Rosenthal  8/7/19  10:07 pm
Sex Conversion Therapy David A Tezza  8/7/19  10:07 pm
Ban conversion therapy Kat lasica  8/7/19  10:06 pm
No more harm to our kids Rebekah Kusterbeck  8/7/19  10:02 pm
Ban so-called "conversion therapy" for minors Kevin O'Brien  8/7/19  10:02 pm
Ban conversion therapy Dolores Dorminey  8/7/19  9:59 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Susana Lee  8/7/19  9:55 pm
Ban conversion therapy Stephanie Adams  8/7/19  9:54 pm
individuals who wish to overcome gender dysphoria MUST BE ALLOWED Therapy to do so Jeff Wojcik  8/7/19  9:41 pm
Ban Sam Collins  8/7/19  9:40 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Manuel R  8/7/19  9:37 pm
Ban conversion therapy Natasha Crosby  8/7/19  9:37 pm
Suicide rate of Transgenders Donna Cotton  8/7/19  9:34 pm
Ban abusive so-called "conversion" therapy Don Blaheta  8/7/19  9:33 pm
Conversion therapy MUST be banned Stephanie Flom  8/7/19  9:28 pm
Do Not Restrict Therapy Choice Mary Dieball  8/7/19  9:27 pm
BAN harmful conversion therapy Marquis M  8/7/19  9:27 pm
Ban conversion therapy Selah Packett  8/7/19  9:21 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Amanda Pohl  8/7/19  9:21 pm
BAN CONVERSION THERAPY! Krystal  8/7/19  9:20 pm
Parental Rights Andrew  8/7/19  9:18 pm
Unconstitutional Regulations that Usurp the GA Authority Dr. GUY SANDS  8/7/19  9:15 pm
Conversion "therapy" is unethical and harmful. Lillie Nicholas  8/7/19  9:14 pm
Don't Prohibit Talk Therapy Todd Gathje, Ph.D., The Family Foundation  8/7/19  9:13 pm
Leave counseling to the professionals Jacob McCollum  8/7/19  9:12 pm
Ban conversion therapy Alex  8/7/19  9:07 pm
Ban! Katy Brown  8/7/19  9:05 pm
Conversion therapy is not therapy Anthony Arsenault RN, BScN  8/7/19  9:05 pm
End Conversion Therapy for Minors Now!! Rebekah Worsham  8/7/19  9:04 pm
DO NOT Ban Conversion Therapy Brendan Flynn  8/7/19  9:04 pm
Ban conversion therapy Shelby D  8/7/19  9:03 pm
Ban the abusive practice known as conversion therapy ALETA E. STRICKLAND, EDS, NCSP, Louisa Psychological Consulting, PC  8/7/19  9:03 pm
Ban Harmful Conversion Therapy! Jen O’Malley  8/7/19  9:02 pm
Conversion therapy is abusive John Schultz  8/7/19  9:02 pm
Ban Conversion therapy Ashley Fortier  8/7/19  9:01 pm
Ban conversion therapy Danny Welsch  8/7/19  8:59 pm
Please ban conversion therapy Emily Foster  8/7/19  8:59 pm
No Counseling Ban Laura Klucik  8/7/19  8:58 pm
Ban conversion therapy Erin  8/7/19  8:55 pm
Ban Conversion therapy Derrick  8/7/19  8:52 pm
Transgender is NOT Biblical M. Szeles  8/7/19  8:50 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Joshua Orange  8/7/19  8:48 pm
Ban conversion therapy, it’s unethical Kat Thompson  8/7/19  8:48 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Blake Pepper  8/7/19  8:43 pm
Protect the Rights of Parents A. Truslow  8/7/19  8:41 pm
ban it for minors it’s harmful!! Kyle  8/7/19  8:41 pm
Conversion Therapy Joanne Kohlhaas  8/7/19  8:39 pm
Ban Conversation Therapy Ashley Seay  8/7/19  8:38 pm
Banning Conversion Therapy Tommy Izzo  8/7/19  8:35 pm
Ban conversion therapy - It’s harmful! Susan Rigby  8/7/19  8:34 pm
Conversion Therapy: Making minors feel like they aren't good enough R. Roche  8/7/19  8:32 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy for minors Patricia Martin  8/7/19  8:32 pm
"conversion therapy" important and valid S. R. Raab  8/7/19  8:32 pm
Ban conversion therapy - It’s harmful! Susan Rigby  8/7/19  8:31 pm
This no bueno Self  8/7/19  8:29 pm
Conversion Therapy Samantha Harris  8/7/19  8:29 pm
Please Ban Conversion Therapy Ryan  8/7/19  8:28 pm
This isn't "therapy," it's is mental abuse Cynthia  8/7/19  8:25 pm
Parental rights Rebecca Ing  8/7/19  8:24 pm
Please ban conversion therapy Andrea Picone  8/7/19  8:22 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy James  8/7/19  8:21 pm
Protect a person's right to receive truth Mary Durbin  8/7/19  8:21 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Jessica Burruss  8/7/19  8:16 pm
Fraudulent Counseling Promises John Smid, Grace Rivers Ministry  8/7/19  8:16 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Scott Shuler  8/7/19  8:15 pm
Conversion “therapy” is fraud Jane Wishon  8/7/19  8:13 pm
Protect Parental Rights Barbara Campbell  8/7/19  8:11 pm
STOP Alexander  8/7/19  8:11 pm
Please retain parental rights for there minor children Susan Henebery  8/7/19  8:07 pm
Abandon This Illegal and Harmful Regulation Josh Hetzler, Legislative Counsel, The Family Foundation of Virginia  8/7/19  8:07 pm
Protect the right to receive and offer desired forms of counseling Ed Hopkins  8/7/19  8:05 pm
Conversion Therapy Scott Morrison  8/7/19  8:05 pm
These Therapy Practices are Dangerous and the Ban is 100% necessary Deborah  8/7/19  8:04 pm
Parents Educate their Children Pat Kolakoski  8/7/19  7:58 pm
Conversion Therapy is both unscientific and harmful. Michael Bussee, Former Ex-gay Leaders Alliance  8/7/19  7:57 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Floyd Taylor  8/7/19  7:51 pm
Ban conversion therapy Ian Sage, I.T.S. Accessories  8/7/19  7:48 pm
Comment on Transgender Conversion Therapy Ban Patrick Smith, Self  8/7/19  7:46 pm
Let people get the care they deserve. Jason spoon  8/7/19  7:45 pm
24 former leaders oppose conversion therapy. Michael Bussee, Former Ex-gay Leaders Alliance.  8/7/19  7:45 pm
ban this practice now! stephanie palmer  8/7/19  7:41 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Jessica W  8/7/19  7:39 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Paulette Trimmer  8/7/19  7:39 pm
Individual rights vs state rights Greta Campos  8/7/19  7:38 pm
Protect Parental Rights Teresa Cotter  8/7/19  7:26 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Jeanette McLean  8/7/19  7:23 pm
Tolerance be damned! Tim Bratt  8/7/19  7:23 pm
Allow conversion theraphy Hector Martinez  8/7/19  7:10 pm
Parental Rights Elizabeth Danley  8/7/19  7:07 pm
Gender dysphoria is a mental illness, sir Sophia G  8/7/19  7:06 pm
We need more compassion and more counseling not less! A. Heck  8/7/19  7:04 pm
Child abuse Jason Ehlers  8/7/19  7:04 pm
Blanket Therapy Ban Unconscionable Tom Volpe  8/7/19  7:04 pm
Do not take away children’s rights Jennie  8/7/19  7:03 pm
Politicians, Save the Needed Therapy! Audrey Zimmermann  8/7/19  6:54 pm
conversion therapy Mike Cline  8/7/19  6:53 pm
Please ban conversion therapy. Vicki McGuire  8/7/19  6:48 pm
Keep the therapy! Dave  8/7/19  6:46 pm
Not the right path Margo walley  8/7/19  6:41 pm
Ideology Driven, Not Science Driven Anne Driggers  8/7/19  6:38 pm
Why does conversion therapy pose such a threat? Victoria Du Plessis  8/7/19  6:29 pm
do not ban the therapy coalitioj for life  8/7/19  6:28 pm
I oppose the ban re "Unprofessional conduct- Donato Palizzi  8/7/19  6:26 pm
Let the people decide not the political demi gods Anthony H  8/7/19  6:09 pm
NO to the conversion therapy ban! Janice Rush  8/7/19  6:04 pm
No limits on therapy Audrey R  8/7/19  6:03 pm
Do not broadly ban all therapy approaches. Allison W.  8/7/19  5:55 pm
Scary and Immoral Proposal J. Hastings  8/7/19  5:51 pm
It will destroys Family’s & Others feelings-whil it’s been cured be monogamous with very happy life John Newell  8/7/19  5:45 pm
Oppose limitations on freedom of speech Jill Goldman MD  8/7/19  5:41 pm
Opposition to proposed regulations to limit parental guidance to children Richard DeLoach  8/7/19  5:33 pm
No Gag Rule for Virginia Counselors! Cathy Ruse, JD  8/7/19  5:31 pm
Save lives and ban this con therapy call conversion therapy andrew mitchell-namdar  8/7/19  5:28 pm
Protect Parental Rights Philip Camill  8/7/19  5:22 pm
Do not restrict therapeutic services Bob S  8/7/19  5:18 pm
Homosexuality Anne Martina  8/7/19  5:15 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Dryden Epstein  8/7/19  5:14 pm
Opposition to Proposed Changes Irene Pruitt, LPC  8/7/19  5:09 pm
Travesty for Free Speech Joshua Arnold, Family Research Council  8/7/19  5:06 pm
Parents and Counselors Must be Free to Counsel Children Dan Hart  8/7/19  5:06 pm
Allow counseling ruth clark  8/7/19  5:05 pm
Conversion Therapy Regulation Sharon Helton  8/7/19  5:03 pm
Free speech transgenderism Michael Mazza  8/7/19  5:02 pm
please do not limit choice Pia Pell  8/7/19  5:00 pm
Please don't ban proper medical treatment Daniel Smallwood  8/7/19  4:55 pm
Impose no ban on counselors’ speech Charlotte Chow  8/7/19  4:51 pm
Do not ban conversion therapy Andrew J Patton  8/7/19  4:50 pm
Free speech transgenderism Jennifer Mazza  8/7/19  4:48 pm
Please Ban the Cruel Practicing of "Conversion" Therapy on Children n Virginia Joseph O'Brien  8/7/19  4:43 pm
NO to transgender policy proposal Stephen Brunk  8/7/19  4:34 pm
Parental Rights John Sturniolo  8/7/19  4:32 pm
Freedom to Counsel Lester Gabriel  8/7/19  4:31 pm
No to ban on transgender therapy. Adam Kirkeby, elementary School Teacher  8/7/19  4:27 pm
No to ban of conversion therapy Dennis Glorioso  8/7/19  4:18 pm
Ralph Northam and counseling for all Lori Resch  8/7/19  4:12 pm
Children Don't Understand Carol Faulk  8/7/19  4:05 pm
Conversion therapy, I support the ban Deb Hansen  8/7/19  4:05 pm
Regulations Governing the Practice of Professional Counseling [18 VAC 115 ? 20 Grady Dixon  8/7/19  4:05 pm
Governor Northam - We Must Have Choice of Counselling Co Huggins  8/7/19  4:03 pm
So-called "conversion therapy" Dana Loew  8/7/19  3:41 pm
It's wrong to medicate and mutilate children and teens John Sullivan  8/7/19  3:36 pm
"Conversion Therapy" undefined. Ban violates ACA Code of Ethics Rita Wasilewski  8/7/19  3:28 pm
Respect Parent's Rights A.R. Quinn  8/7/19  3:27 pm
Concerns about proposed regulation banning "conversion" therapy and defending parents rights Judy Marshall  8/7/19  3:26 pm
Conversion therapy might literally save lives. David Marshall  8/7/19  3:13 pm
Is diversity of opinion a bad thing? VINCE GERVAIS  8/7/19  3:11 pm
Parental right to educate and care for their child Teresa Vonnor  8/7/19  3:01 pm
Theraputic Counseling Ban is unconstitutional Patricia Vogt  8/7/19  3:00 pm
You want to ban what?!! Concerned Citizen  8/7/19  3:00 pm
Conversion Therapy Must End Margaret Lietzke  8/7/19  2:53 pm
Protect Parental Rights Alan Clune  8/7/19  2:53 pm
Uphold Parents' Role of Guiding Their Children in Truth and Charity D. Rice  8/7/19  2:53 pm
Ban Conversion therapy anne  8/7/19  2:50 pm
ban conversion therapy Johannes Goossens  8/7/19  2:45 pm
Conversion Therapy Nancy Archiopoli  8/7/19  2:43 pm
It is psychosis to believe children can make permanent decisions about adult concepts. Dr. Michaels  8/7/19  2:42 pm
Uphold the rights of Parents Stephen Gabriel  8/7/19  2:37 pm
Parents will not know the harm they are causing until it's too late. Ban conversion therapy. Duncan Robert  8/7/19  2:36 pm
Ban 'Conversion ' therapy Suzanne Bomar  8/7/19  2:36 pm
Counseling Ban --- Is Very Bad Steven Klemm  8/7/19  2:25 pm
Please reject this proposed regulation Matthew Payne  8/7/19  2:23 pm
Don't ban conversion therapy Another concerned mom  8/7/19  2:15 pm
former VA resident on "conversion therapy" Lenny Cohen  8/7/19  2:12 pm
Give transgender kids freedom to choose Paul  8/7/19  2:12 pm
Do not ban conversion therapy Jessica Aguilera  8/7/19  2:05 pm
Conversion Therapy Ban Kim Schatz  8/7/19  2:01 pm
Protect the freedom of Virginia families to acquire the counseling they select Kevin McGraw, Catholic Campus Ministry at UMW  8/7/19  1:59 pm
Protect the freedom of Virginia families to acquire the counseling they choose. MARIANNE MAZZATENTA  8/7/19  1:57 pm
Parents rights Bill O'Connor  8/7/19  1:52 pm
Love Conquers All D.B.E. for many concerned women in our church (men too).  8/7/19  1:52 pm
Electric shock in conversion therapy? NEVER Mary B. Gregory  8/7/19  1:50 pm
Support for Banning Conversion Therapy Jacob Riley  8/7/19  1:49 pm
Do Not Ban Healing Therapy for Gender-Confused Children C.M.A. Laitinen  8/7/19  1:29 pm
Stop Gender Confusion and Tell The Truth Lucy Paccione  8/7/19  1:23 pm
Do not take away Virginians right to seek help. Mathew Thorne  8/7/19  1:21 pm
Protect parents rights to make decisions about what's best for their children Syra Howington  8/7/19  1:19 pm
Therapists need the freedom to choose the correct therapy for each individual patient. Joe Rodrigue  8/7/19  1:15 pm
Counselors do not know all the needs of a child this is the parents duty Maureen Reilly  8/7/19  1:11 pm
regulation of counseling/therapy practices Marjorie Harrison  8/7/19  1:08 pm
Conversion therapy is unethical Brandy Smith  8/7/19  1:00 pm
No to LGBT conversion therapy Catherine M. Chafin  8/7/19  1:00 pm
Transgenderism Katie Lentz  8/7/19  12:57 pm
Protect Parent's Rights! Karen Shannon  8/7/19  12:53 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Benny C Wood  8/7/19  12:52 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Tripp Duke  8/7/19  12:50 pm
Do not criminalize helping people Christine D  8/7/19  12:48 pm
Do not ban theraputic counseling Kathleen Kampa  8/7/19  12:48 pm
Let healthcare professional offer Virginians choice Virginia citizen  8/7/19  12:45 pm
Don't ban any counseling that a person freely seeks Leslie Alexande  8/7/19  12:42 pm
Respect for parental rights John McMahon  8/7/19  12:42 pm
Please allow the option for conversion therapy. Fr. Matt  8/7/19  12:40 pm
Trust parents to decide. Do not ban conversion therapy. Mary Biagiotti  8/7/19  12:40 pm
Vote NO, to maintain a free society David  8/7/19  12:39 pm
Parents' rights should be protected J Baxer  8/7/19  12:35 pm
Allow young people to seek conversion therapy Irene Maria DiSanto  8/7/19  12:31 pm
Protect Parental Rights Susan Bond  8/7/19  12:29 pm
Please protect the rights of families to seek counseling Morgan Taylor  8/7/19  12:26 pm
Do not take away parental rights JEREMY GREINER  8/7/19  12:22 pm
Do Not Ban Conversion therapy ban for children Geraldine Laird, Citizen  8/7/19  12:18 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy E H Hunt  8/7/19  12:18 pm
I am taking action to protect the freedom of Virginia families to acquire the counseling they choose Ignacio Harding odm, Saint Francis of Assisi Parish  8/7/19  12:17 pm
Protect the Youth William McLean  8/7/19  12:17 pm
Ban conversion therapy! Elizabeth  8/7/19  12:17 pm
Against Conversion Therapy Julie Miles RN  8/7/19  12:11 pm
Respect for Parental Rights Deacon Jim Benisek  8/7/19  12:11 pm
Keep Government Out of Counseling Virginia Citizen  8/7/19  12:03 pm
Parental Rights? Blanca Reilly  8/7/19  12:02 pm
Unprofessional conduct - conversion therapy Carlin Rafie  8/7/19  11:55 am
Respect Parental Rights Tom Pell  8/7/19  11:54 am
The counseling ban is a very bad idea! Kelley Pinzon  8/7/19  11:51 am
No to this legislation-stop pushing this evil on children and adults. Rosemary Richards  8/7/19  11:47 am
This practice is banned for minors in Ontario because of my Bill in 2015, and not Christian Rev. Cheri DiNovo former Member of Ontario Parliament banned conversion the  8/7/19  11:45 am
Let people decide what they want!!!!!! Their business Ezekiel Russell  8/7/19  11:40 am
Support legislation prohibiting licensing of practitioners of "Conversion Therapy" Cathy Baskin  8/7/19  11:38 am
I am opposed to this executive order concerned citizen  8/7/19  11:35 am
I am the real person behind “CAMERON” in the book/movie “BOY ERASED”. Aaron Aupperle, Bryan East  8/7/19  11:34 am
conversian theropy Noah McHugh  8/7/19  11:28 am
Everything About Conversion Therapy is Wrong Luke Forbes  8/7/19  11:21 am
do not ban conversion therapy Christine Majta  8/7/19  11:16 am
Vote No! Health Care Must Remain Private Without Government Intrusion. Donna Holt  8/7/19  11:15 am
Allow conversion therapy Lisa Clay  8/7/19  11:14 am
healing therapy for gender-confused kids John Hellmann  8/7/19  11:12 am
Ban conversion therapy Tommy Blount  8/7/19  10:54 am
Conversion therapy Steve Osborne  8/7/19  10:54 am
"ex-gay" conversion therapy Thomas A Guaraldi  8/7/19  10:52 am
Let counselors do their job, it's not yours to control them! Kathleen Wilson  8/7/19  10:49 am
Conversion Therapy Survivor Urges You to Keep Minors in VA safe Apryl Prentiss  8/7/19  10:42 am
the right to free speech for guidance counselors concerned citizen of the Commonwealth  8/7/19  10:31 am
VOTE NO! David Mark Sammons  8/7/19  10:26 am
STOP THIS NONSENSE David Mark Sammons  8/7/19  10:24 am
Conversion therapy Joy Townsend  8/7/19  10:11 am
Free speech rights by counselors must be protected Kathryn Shanks  8/7/19  9:51 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Robert Penczak  8/7/19  9:38 am
Ban conversion therapy Stanley S. Smith  8/7/19  9:36 am
Save lives by rejecting Guidance Document 115-10 Owen Nick Skriloff  8/7/19  9:35 am
Save lives by rejecting Guidance Document 115-10 Owen Nick Skriloff  8/7/19  9:31 am
People should be allowed to seek therapy if they want it Henry Kuhlman  8/7/19  9:16 am
listen to a doctor Concerned Mom  8/7/19  9:15 am
Ban conversion therapy Darian Phillips, counseling student  8/7/19  9:04 am
End conversion therapy Reenie B  8/7/19  9:01 am
get politics out of mental health therapy Meg Kilgannon  8/7/19  9:00 am
Conversion therapy is harmful and a lie! I lived it. McKrae Game  8/7/19  8:13 am
End licensing of conversion therapy Private Citizen  8/7/19  8:00 am
Ban this dangerous activity. Nick Schiavo, No Conversion Canada  8/7/19  7:21 am
Conversion Therapy Rebecca P Gibney  8/7/19  6:52 am
Support for the NOIRA regarding regulation 18VAC1 25 - 20 , on the Practice of Conversion Therapy Silvia Park, American Atheists  8/7/19  6:26 am
Conversion Therapy Straw Man Argument Keith Vennum, MD, LMHC  8/7/19  6:02 am
Conversion Therapy Curtis Smith  8/7/19  4:19 am
Ban conversion therapy Scott harvey  8/7/19  1:17 am
Ban abusive therapy!! Scott harvey  8/7/19  1:07 am
band conversion therapy Dr. Jallen Rix  8/7/19  12:40 am
Conversion Therapy Sabine Balden  8/7/19  12:02 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Kathy Andrew  8/6/19  11:20 pm
Trevor Project Spokesman caught FAKING his own testimony!! LP  8/6/19  10:51 pm
Uphold APA Ethics Code: Clients have the right to pick their own therapy goals, not politicians. Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, Jr., Ph.D.  8/6/19  10:40 pm
Provide Needed Counseling to Disturbed Parents Catherine Sublett Read  8/6/19  10:30 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy William W Snidow  8/6/19  9:57 pm
Get the government out of the counseling room Beth Detwiler,  8/6/19  9:50 pm
Banning therapy someone wants prevents counselors from helping people William Detwiler, Wellspring  8/6/19  9:10 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Lisa Jayne Burns  8/6/19  8:49 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Rachel Dix  8/6/19  8:48 pm
Where's the evidence Governor? David Pickup, LMFT  8/6/19  8:32 pm
Conversion therapy - Deny drowning person life saver? If person seeks help, why deny? Unthinkable! Pam Pascoe  8/6/19  7:43 pm
Please respect parent rights Karen W. Leffel  8/6/19  7:26 pm
NOT ONE COMPLAINT EVER in the UNITED STATES Robert L Vazzo, LMFT, LPCC  8/6/19  7:05 pm
Vote to Ban conversion therapy Julie Williams, counseling student  8/6/19  6:37 pm
Ban conversion therapy Lori Rose-Thompson  8/6/19  6:21 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy, Support Amendment Eric Santiago (AA VA Assistant State Dir., B.A. Inc. VP)  8/6/19  5:20 pm
Support this change -- Conversion Therapy is harmful David Moore  8/6/19  5:06 pm
Conversion Therapy Ban Willow G Woycke  8/6/19  4:24 pm
SUPPORT for the NOIRA regarding 18VAC115-20, 18VAC115-30, 18VAC115-50, and 18VAC115-60 Sarah Warbelow, Human Rights Campaign  8/6/19  3:43 pm
Do not limit counseling Richard Patton  8/6/19  3:36 pm
Support Ban on Conversion Therapy Virginia Counselors Association  8/6/19  3:03 pm
Caution on Regulatory Approach M Dalton  8/6/19  2:42 pm
This is who I am Herb Grant  8/6/19  2:37 pm
Conversion Therapy Is Dangerous Matt Ashcroft  8/6/19  2:16 pm
Homosexuality is not a mental illness Anne Haak  8/6/19  2:13 pm
Ban conversion therapy Greg Melia  8/6/19  2:03 pm
New Regulations for Virginia Counselors Susan Thompson  8/6/19  12:43 pm
It's time to ban "conversion therapy" Larry Barnett, LPC  8/6/19  12:00 pm
Please ban so-called conversion therapy for minors under 18 Jay Timmons  8/6/19  11:54 am
Conversion Therapy has no place in mental health professions (VOTE YES to BAN this practice) Justin Jordan LPC CSAC  8/6/19  11:03 am
Parents have the right - all conseling should be allowed! Janet Holloway  8/5/19  10:19 pm
Please vote NO Mary  8/5/19  9:40 pm
VOTE NO - Government needs to stay out of telling the counselors what to do! Dee  8/5/19  9:25 pm
Please help Ban conversion Therapy Matthew DeGrave  8/5/19  9:03 pm
VOTE NO - There should NOT be ANY restrictions on counseling on sexual orientation or gender!!! P Barnes  8/5/19  8:44 pm
Conversion Therapy Bruce  8/5/19  8:33 pm
Conversion Therapy Chet and Barbara Walrod  8/5/19  6:30 pm
Ban Conversion "Therapy" Now! Stephen Marion, Farmville Pride  8/5/19  5:38 pm
Pro Christian Counselors Kelli  8/5/19  5:17 pm
Transgenderism TERESA CARVER  8/5/19  5:05 pm
Twofold Support of this Regulation Adam Trimmer  8/5/19  5:04 pm
stop encouraging transgenderism, let parents raise their own children Cath Grubb  8/5/19  3:44 pm
Ban restrictions on counseling children and adults who want therapy for gender confusion Teri Buck  8/5/19  3:11 pm
New Guidance Document Charlene Morgan  8/5/19  1:45 pm
Board of Counseling Christine Schneider  8/5/19  1:28 pm
B Christine Schneider  8/5/19  1:21 pm
restriction on counselors Tim Lingenfelter  8/5/19  1:10 pm
No restriction on counseling on sexual orientation or gender Donald Hall, MD  8/5/19  1:02 pm
Counselor and counselee should have total freedom. No government intervention needed. Ginny Bellamy  8/5/19  12:24 pm
Conversion therapy Ginny Bellamy  8/5/19  12:21 pm
elitists need to respect parents Prof. Matthew Tsakanikas  8/5/19  11:46 am
Protect Personal Freedom of Individual Seeking Therapy and Professional Freedom of Therapist GEORGE GOUNLEY  8/5/19  11:35 am
Violation of self-determination for patient + stifles counselors' free speech J Debrot  8/5/19  11:25 am
Do Not Muzzle Counselors Colleen McCullough  8/5/19  11:16 am
Conversion therapy isn't counseling, it's a manual to commit abuse and worsen addiction Michael Airhart  8/5/19  11:01 am
Conversion therapy Olivia hall  8/5/19  10:32 am
Opposed to the Ban James White  8/5/19  10:07 am
Political Correctness through Regulation isn't Constitutional or Evidence Based Science Dr. Harold Diggs, Citizen  8/5/19  9:49 am
Opposition to forced regulatory ban Andrew Jones, 22032  8/5/19  9:40 am
No Conversion Therapy Susan Layman  8/5/19  9:12 am
No no no Sara Woodington  8/5/19  9:00 am
Comment on pending policy Dennis Pratte  8/5/19  6:42 am
Please rewrite the regulation to reflect the self-determination of the client Anonymous because of how heated this topic has become and people attacking  8/5/19  6:34 am
Counseling Carol Nylander  8/5/19  1:50 am
Conversion Therapy controversy!! chuck Boyer  8/4/19  10:03 pm
The proposed regulations of the Board of Counseling are anti-science, anti-God. Loren Wilee  8/4/19  8:32 pm
Interference with Counselors Violates Client Privacy Rights and Everyone's First Amendment Rights Christopher Dangerfield  8/4/19  7:20 pm
Do not muzzle counselors Max and Margie Lyons  8/4/19  5:28 pm
Not your job to prevent individuals from getting desired help Daniel J Ayre  8/4/19  4:04 pm
Let Counselors Help People Who Ask For It Doug Harshbarger  8/4/19  2:44 pm
Counsiling Rob  8/4/19  2:26 pm
Don't restrict one person's right to do something just because another person doesn't want to do it. Everett Hines  8/4/19  2:13 pm
Ban conversion therapy K. Conklin  8/4/19  2:03 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Anne Glenn, Humanity  8/4/19  1:37 pm
Conversion therapy is NOT a parental right! Annie Hamel  8/4/19  1:02 pm
Proposed ban violates freedom of choice D. Jarvis  8/4/19  11:48 am
BAN CONVERSION "THERAPY" NOW! Beth Bunts  8/4/19  11:32 am
Ban Conversion Therapy in Virginia Lana Parsons  8/4/19  11:08 am
Therapy is important for child sexual abuse victims Clark Coleman  8/4/19  10:24 am
Your contimplated action is Unconstitutional Philip  8/4/19  9:18 am
Freedom to choose therapy of choice Mary Kidwell  8/3/19  10:53 pm
Respect Parental Rights!! Leslie Belvin  8/3/19  9:22 pm
Respect Parental Rights Joanna Melton  8/3/19  8:14 pm
Infringement of counselor religious freedom Mary  8/3/19  8:13 pm
Stop promoting sex conversion for minors. Rose Davis  8/3/19  6:34 pm
Government should stay out of the Counselling business! Frederick Michael Decker  8/3/19  6:06 pm
Opposition to Amending 18VAC125-20 pertaining to the practice of psychology Marianne Coates  8/3/19  4:48 pm
Keep Parental Rights and a Person's Right to Choose Therapy Deborah DeLois  8/3/19  4:40 pm
Conversion Therapy Does Significant Harm Melissa Gostel  8/3/19  2:35 pm
NOIRA Marilyn  8/3/19  2:12 pm
NOIRA Teresa Bowser  8/3/19  12:36 pm
Counseling should be a personal decision between parent and child not the government. Catherine Patterson  8/3/19  12:10 pm
Stop government intrusion in professional counseling and parental rights Doreen Denny  8/3/19  11:39 am
Protect conversion therapy Laura S  8/3/19  10:20 am
Children belong to parents, not government. You are promoting transgenderism to CHILDREN! STOP! Judy Hall  8/3/19  10:06 am
Stop Promoting Transgender Ideology Maria Keffler  8/3/19  9:50 am
Stop Promoting Transgender Ideology Maria Keffler  8/3/19  9:45 am
Stop promoting sex conversions for minors Dmitriy  8/3/19  9:31 am
Protect Parents' Rights to make decisions about their own children's care, upbringing and education Mary and Roger Ritter  8/3/19  9:07 am
Stay out Brenda Melvin  8/3/19  9:04 am
It is a person's right to have whatever therapy they desire. You step taking away a r Brenda Melvin  8/3/19  8:56 am
Do Not Ban Conversion Therapy!! Ruth  8/3/19  8:44 am
keep freedom to help people change Sarah Lam  8/3/19  8:35 am
"No" to Regulation Regarding Sexual Orientation and/or Gender Sara Miller  8/3/19  8:20 am
Conversion (Therapy) Torture Amy Cannon  8/3/19  8:00 am
Ban Conversion "Therapy" Carolyn Lawson  8/3/19  7:21 am
Conversion therapy Ann Doss  8/3/19  6:14 am
Counselor's Rights to Help Clents Cathy Tankersley  8/3/19  12:38 am
Please ban conversion therapy Kate Hall  8/2/19  11:41 pm
Please retain counseling choices for vulnerable youth Cynthia Phillips  8/2/19  11:09 pm
Do not allow conversion therapy! Keith Gostel, RN, LCSW  8/2/19  11:07 pm
Withholding truth from children who need it is discustingly hateful. James L Erb  8/2/19  10:42 pm
Conversion Therapy sets people free from perversion and depression! David Pegram  8/2/19  10:38 pm
No to conversion therapy Meg Gruber  8/2/19  9:47 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy?? Stephen S. Renalds  8/2/19  8:58 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Robin Allman  8/2/19  8:30 pm
Freedom to be set free from any illness Thu-Minh Huynh  8/2/19  8:25 pm
Where is the evidence Wade Salverson  8/2/19  7:51 pm
Faith has a place in identity resolution Darlene B Jackson  8/2/19  6:54 pm
Were all Gods Children first, were all sinners but our service on earth is to help one another in l Sonya, In His Image  8/2/19  6:30 pm
Conversion Therapy Has No Place in Professional Counseling Sandra Polaski  8/2/19  6:16 pm
Do not ban conversion-based counseling Matt Oberlin  8/2/19  6:13 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Raymond Bond  8/2/19  5:38 pm
Do not ban conversion therapy. Allow counselors the freedom to do what is right for the individual. Julie Klose  8/2/19  5:34 pm
American citizens have a right to counseling, no matter what kind, if they desire it! Dena M Nelson  8/2/19  5:14 pm
Ban conversion therapy Alice Holland  8/2/19  5:09 pm
Conversion Therapy CAN work for someone who wants to work on it. RODNEY  8/2/19  5:06 pm
Support to Ban Conversion Therapy Elizabeth Morgan Patterson  8/2/19  5:00 pm
Freedom of Speech and Religion being removed here. Doris J Acker  8/2/19  4:58 pm
Government must stay out of Parenting! Jim - Father of 9  8/2/19  4:44 pm
Conversion Therapy amy witcover-sandford  8/2/19  4:42 pm
Counseling Regulations Brenda Kline  8/2/19  4:40 pm
Words from a Psychiatrist June Meek  8/2/19  4:40 pm
Family not Government Should Decide in the Best Interest of Children Robert Cooper  8/2/19  4:33 pm
professional judgmemt of counselors Mary Kay Stine  8/2/19  4:10 pm
Leave the Kids alone June Meek  8/2/19  3:50 pm
Government Should Stay Out of the Counseling Business DEBBIE O BAUER  8/2/19  3:45 pm
Don’t end conversion therapy Lisa Schumann  8/2/19  3:30 pm
Leave it alone. Lila  8/2/19  3:24 pm
These Kids Need Real Help - Not Enforced "Affirmation" Charles Gammon  8/2/19  3:11 pm
Counseling for minors Albert Juergens  8/2/19  2:51 pm
Because a therapy is considered not politically correct doesn't mean it is wrong Kenneth Ervin  8/2/19  2:50 pm
Let children be helped and let counselors help them. M Owens  8/2/19  2:39 pm
Counselor Privilege-Counselor Wisdom Alise Schram  8/2/19  2:23 pm
Protect Children and Parents' Rights John Kehler  8/2/19  2:17 pm
We need to ban "Conversion" Therapy Akice Berman  8/2/19  2:17 pm
Counselors Providing Help for Unwanted Sexual Attaction Phyllis Crum  8/2/19  2:09 pm
OPPOSE Liberal Tyranny! Helen D  8/2/19  2:08 pm
Conversion therapy Ronnie  8/2/19  1:56 pm
NO! Choice for Children! M. Rosser, Taxpayer  8/2/19  1:55 pm
Let counselors do their jobs. Robert McRae  8/2/19  1:49 pm
Anyone should be able to go to counseling or therapy for anything they need it for. Susan Dillard  8/2/19  1:47 pm
Preserve the rights of minors to choose counselors that work for them Jason Mauney  8/2/19  1:45 pm
Equal access to therapy L. Hackman  8/2/19  1:40 pm
OPPOSE Government Tyranny! Thomas Jones  8/2/19  1:40 pm efforts of unelected officials to bypass the General Assembly with unconstitutional proposal Patti Hardy  8/2/19  1:33 pm
Are we losing the value of honoring client's right to determine their desire for counseling? Mark L Sensabaugh  8/2/19  1:33 pm
Ban conversion therapy, please Patricia Mitchell, First Congregational Christian, United Church of Christ  8/2/19  1:31 pm
Keep Free Speech in the Counselor's Office Eric Marx  8/2/19  1:24 pm
People Should Retain Choices for Self-Determination Sandra Wiggins  8/2/19  1:11 pm
Stop Conversion Therapy Camille Dunn  8/2/19  1:10 pm
Counselors Right to Freedom of Conscious Concerned Parent  8/2/19  1:09 pm
Don’t restrict counselors Anna Klemm  8/2/19  1:08 pm
No Government Punishment for Counselors Brent Keilen  8/2/19  1:05 pm
No Basis for this decision! Ricardo A Snyder  8/2/19  12:58 pm
Protect minors from clinical abuse. No sexual orientation or gender identity is a mental illness Christine Robinson  8/2/19  12:54 pm
Let Counselors Do Their Jobs Carol Franzen  8/2/19  12:47 pm
Please reconsider Amy Haywood  8/2/19  12:43 pm
End Conversion Therapy George Marshall  8/2/19  12:29 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Terri Hierholzer  8/2/19  12:00 pm
Why do we limit the drinking, driving and voting age? Chris Brigham  8/2/19  11:53 am
Male or Female Sandra Chapman  8/2/19  11:35 am
ALL kids experiment around with identity Deborah Fordham  8/2/19  10:45 am
Free to choose Patricia Tryal  8/2/19  9:48 am
Wake up to this dangerous agenda James Stansbury  8/2/19  9:46 am
Freedom vs. Coercion Mary Ellen Olbrisch  8/2/19  9:42 am
Proposed regulations are most intolerant of faith and counselors freedom of speech Audrey Stout  8/2/19  9:40 am
Counseling Restrictions Wendell K Belvin  8/2/19  9:40 am
End Conversion Therapy Katie Moore  8/2/19  9:29 am
new Guidance Document Anne Freel  8/2/19  9:29 am
Freedom! Stop oppressive legislation that treats us like fools Sharon Naylor  8/2/19  9:20 am
Unproffesssional conduct - conversion therapy Joe Casey, individual  8/2/19  9:08 am
No Conversion Therapy!! Jeffrey Beatman  8/2/19  9:05 am
Your Policy is Misguided and Biased - Respect Counselor Rights to Speech and Liberty Henry Polczer  8/2/19  8:50 am
Conversion therapy is morally wrong and does not work. Erin White  8/2/19  8:49 am
Strengths Based Counseling Rebecca Dillard  8/2/19  8:43 am
"Conversion Therapy" Michael Nelson Getsi  8/2/19  8:24 am
Please allow those who seek counseling to be set free! J. Dominguez  8/2/19  8:15 am
Conversion Therapy Is Harmful Carrie Walker, LPC- Richmond Creative Counseling  8/2/19  8:13 am
End it. This is not therapy, it is torture Teri Beasley  8/2/19  7:57 am
bad decisions Vernon Harvey  8/2/19  7:51 am
Freedom to choose for counselors and patients Mary Rice  8/2/19  7:46 am
Not allowed to claim small government any longer! Vote Nov 5 Kasey  8/2/19  7:09 am
It is past time we outlaw the dangerous practice of so-called Conversion "Therapy" here in Virginia. Gail Christie  8/2/19  7:00 am
Let people seek the kind of therapy they desire Joanna Woodworth  8/2/19  6:41 am
Allow Counselors & Patients Freedom of Choice for Therapy John Yancey  8/2/19  6:21 am
Oppose the Change Doris Dippel, private citizen  8/2/19  2:55 am
Let Counselors and patients decide what therapies they want! Patricia Gray  8/2/19  12:22 am
therapy, conversion Carolyn roberts  8/2/19  12:12 am
Commonsense is being abandoned in the Commonwealth of VA Matthew Hatcher  8/1/19  11:44 pm
Ban conversion therapyeas Dr. Kimberle Jacobs  8/1/19  11:20 pm
End Conversion Therapy in VA Dana Perkins, Citizen of VA & Parent  8/1/19  11:13 pm
Mandating a misguided mono-culture & Violating volition JONATHAN CLOUGH  8/1/19  10:54 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Andrea T Pitman  8/1/19  10:47 pm
New Regulations NOT GOOD Ann Hodge  8/1/19  10:26 pm Watch this-this is the real scientific evidence Denise L  8/1/19  10:24 pm
Support for the NOIRA regarding regulations on the Practice of Conv Amanda Darvill, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, NCAC  8/1/19  10:23 pm
Offer Encouragement to Counselors Richard ONeill  8/1/19  10:21 pm
Conversion therapy Deborah Minden  8/1/19  10:13 pm
Conversion Therapy is wrong Rev. Kendra Grimes  8/1/19  10:11 pm
Do not ban a families right to the counseling of their choice GARLAND E BROWN  8/1/19  10:09 pm
Misguided regulations Jack Slimp  8/1/19  9:53 pm
Unprofessional Conduct James Helberg  8/1/19  9:32 pm
Don’t restrict counseling services P Pacheco  8/1/19  9:15 pm
Support for the NOIRA regarding regulations 18VAC115-20, -30, -50, and -60 Bo Kim  8/1/19  8:41 pm
Do not ban people from seeking counseling to overcome same sex attraction Catherine Baab  8/1/19  8:41 pm
Don’t Take Away A Child’s Right to Seek Counseling for Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction! Faith  8/1/19  8:19 pm
Preventing people from seeking the counsel of their choice is both morally wrong and anti American Alice Johnson  8/1/19  8:07 pm
Denying patients the right of counsel they are seeking is as anti American as anything could be Everett Johnson  8/1/19  8:06 pm
No more harmful "therapy" Sarah Bratt  8/1/19  8:05 pm
Your Proposal is WRONG! Deborah Abbott  8/1/19  7:32 pm
conversion therapy Joseph E Hamilton  8/1/19  7:27 pm
Don't Restrict the Doctor-Patient Relationship Glyn Roberts  8/1/19  7:22 pm
Counselors cannot help persons overcome their unwanted same sex attractions Kerryn McMeans  8/1/19  7:16 pm
proposal to ban “any practice or treatment that seeks to change an individual’s sexual orientation o Ellie Gudeman  8/1/19  7:10 pm
Violating Patient Rights Paul Perrone  8/1/19  7:09 pm
Limits on Counselors T. Anderson  8/1/19  6:33 pm
Denying choice to clients is harmful and against the moral code Scott Davis  8/1/19  6:23 pm
Freedom of Choice Craig DiSesa  8/1/19  6:23 pm
Conversion Therapy is Child Abuse G. Burgess  8/1/19  6:20 pm
Equality and rights of men Robert Kowalke  8/1/19  6:09 pm
Support Freedom of Choice Wanda Juraschek  8/1/19  6:01 pm
Do not deny counseling choices Katie Brown  8/1/19  5:54 pm
Conversion therapy Richard E. Cooley  8/1/19  5:53 pm
Don’t restrict counseling chose options. Susanna  8/1/19  5:52 pm
REGULATION OF COUNSELORS Richard Cheliras  8/1/19  5:45 pm
Conversion counselling Ruth  8/1/19  5:33 pm
conversion therapy Frank Seaman  8/1/19  5:28 pm
gender, marriage and the foundation of the world Patricia Marseglia  8/1/19  5:27 pm
Pending Counselor Gag Order Lucy Cupp, Retired Educator  8/1/19  5:22 pm
Conversion Counceling Curtis Marsh  8/1/19  5:22 pm
Counselors MUST have the freedom to speak honestly with clients Jeanette Perrington  8/1/19  5:18 pm
Allow Conversion Therapy to Save Lives Victoria Larson  8/1/19  5:16 pm
This action is wrong. Martin Olson  8/1/19  5:14 pm
Counseling Linda Stowell  8/1/19  5:13 pm
Counseling Patricia Opera  8/1/19  5:07 pm
Do Not Restrict What Counselors Can Say About Same-Sex Attractions Trygve Gaalaas  8/1/19  5:04 pm
Do NOT Force Children into the LGBTQ Lifestyle! Jackie Lee  8/1/19  5:04 pm
What planet are you on??? Why are you against my freedom and my religion? Carl Russell  8/1/19  5:02 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Shelton Dominici  8/1/19  5:01 pm
There is no objective basis for banning this therapy Stephen Hertz  8/1/19  5:01 pm
Do NOT Force Children into the LGBTQ Lifestyle Rex Latham  8/1/19  4:57 pm
Restrictions on Counselors Richard Keeler, M.D., M.P.H  8/1/19  4:51 pm
Denial of Parental and Professional Rights to Promote Political Agenda Burlie A. Brunson, PhD Citizen  8/1/19  4:48 pm
Censorship Elaine Hanger  8/1/19  4:48 pm
Change is Not Only Possible but Actually Happens Richard W Firth  8/1/19  4:47 pm
Adultescent girl; parents going through a divorce; deceived by dominant Lesbian helped with counseli Janet ferguson  8/1/19  4:45 pm
Parental Rights Lara  8/1/19  4:42 pm
Conversion Therapy Timothy Corbett, citizen  8/1/19  4:36 pm
Counseling Restrictions John De Jong, Concord Church Fairfield VA  8/1/19  4:34 pm
You got it all wrong. Stop the Conversion Therapy "Band Wagon" Lies now! Christine Birden  8/1/19  4:32 pm
Let's speak truth about this! Nancy Johnson  8/1/19  4:31 pm
Ban "Conversion Therapy" Dawn Byers  8/1/19  2:30 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Anne Rappe-Epperson  8/1/19  2:18 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy. Debbie L Longest  8/1/19  12:45 pm
End the 'conversion therapy' Ann Ellis  8/1/19  12:16 pm
End Conversion therapy now. Ann Ellia  8/1/19  11:59 am
Parental Rights Tom Dickson  8/1/19  11:29 am
Ended Conversion Therapy Now Susannah Bishop, educator  8/1/19  10:57 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Pam Webb  8/1/19  10:13 am
Ban Conversion “Therapy” Lannie Underwood  8/1/19  9:59 am
Conversion Therapy is Child Abuse Max Heyworth  8/1/19  9:30 am
Please Ban this abusive practice K Forbes  8/1/19  9:01 am
Ban conversion therapy Katherine Drummond  8/1/19  9:00 am
Ban conversion therapy Helen Miller  8/1/19  8:59 am
Ban conversion therapy Sasha M  8/1/19  8:56 am
Ban conversion therapy Mickey Drummond  8/1/19  8:54 am
“Conversion Therapy” is Child Abuse Lisa Cherefko  8/1/19  8:46 am
Conversion therapy is child abuse Debby Porter  8/1/19  7:37 am
Protect freedom of Virginia families to acquire the counseling they choose Thomas Palumbo  8/1/19  7:10 am
Conversion “therapy” is harmful and has been discredited. It should be banned. Kristen Calleja  8/1/19  12:57 am
Protect our children from abusive practices Kristen gartland  7/31/19  10:34 pm
Please Respect Parental Rights Monica S.  7/31/19  8:48 pm
Please continue to implement regulations against conversion therapy for minors Deborah Hawkins  7/31/19  6:47 pm
Ban Conversion Therapy Mary Fisher  7/31/19  6:02 pm
Counseling Sheila Jenkins  7/31/19  3:40 pm
Protect Virginia youth from the grave consequences of conversion therapy Melanie Kiser  7/31/19  11:32 am
Do nor infringe parental rights Nancy S Pendergrass, MPH, RDN  7/31/19  9:48 am
Oppose amending [18 VAC 125 ? 20) Christopher Martini  7/30/19  9:57 pm
Oppose amending 18 VAC 115-20,-30,-50,-60 Ann Smith  7/30/19  8:50 pm
Virginia families should have freedom to acquire the counseling they choose Richard Dunbar  7/30/19  4:13 pm
Parents Should have the Say in their children's Counseling Options Pam Watkins  7/30/19  1:01 pm
Protect Parental Rights Clarence E Arnold  7/30/19  1:28 am
Do no infringe on parental rights Susan Pauli  7/29/19  5:20 pm
Do Not Infringe on Parental Rights Mark Menotti  7/29/19  1:44 pm
Efforts to restrict goals and types of therapy Donna Gordon  7/29/19  12:27 pm
Unjustified censorship S Hertz  7/29/19  12:22 pm
Unjustified censorship Stephen Hertz  7/29/19  12:19 pm
Protect parental rights and stop censorship in counseling Gordon Goetz  7/29/19  11:32 am
A ban would deny families the religious freedom to seek counseling aligned with their faith. Peggy Palizzi  7/29/19  11:03 am
Protect Parental Rights Craig Mays  7/29/19  9:51 am
Defend parental rights and protect children Robert Lee  7/28/19  9:18 pm
Protect the freedom and rights of Virginia families Edward C. Krattli  7/28/19  2:58 pm
Respect elected officials, citizens and parents Maureen Barrett, citizen  7/28/19  12:54 pm
Respect Parental Rights & Voter Sovereignty Edward White  7/27/19  11:17 pm
Please don’t overstep your authority John Miller  7/27/19  10:01 pm
Respect Parental Rights L.L.Schexnayder  7/27/19  4:34 pm
Protect Parents' Rights to make Decisions about their own children's care, Upbringing and Education Carmencita B. Clay  7/27/19  4:16 pm
Freedom to Choose Counseling without government interference Elizabeth Browning  7/27/19  2:34 pm
Protect parental rights regarding upbringing, education and care charles A. Huber  7/27/19  2:33 pm
Protect parental rights regarding upbringing, education and care Sue A. Huber  7/27/19  2:31 pm
Protect parental rights. Susana Lee  7/27/19  2:13 pm
Parents should have the authority over their children. Mary  7/27/19  12:20 pm
Oppose adding the provisions of Guidance Document 115-10 to 18VAC115-20,-30,-50,-60. Pamela Wilgus  7/27/19  9:38 am
Parents'rights for welfare of children lawrence zenker  7/27/19  7:22 am
defend parental rights Rebecca Ing  7/26/19  11:23 pm
Oppose Proposed Amendment of 18VAC125-20 Martha Dreon  7/26/19  10:20 pm
Parental rights are sacred. Loren Wilee  7/26/19  9:14 pm
Unprofessional Conduct -- Conversion Therapy Robert Brever Jr  7/26/19  9:07 pm
Stop the ban and defend parent rights Mimi A  7/26/19  8:39 pm
PARENTAL RIGHTS Cat Spinelli  7/26/19  8:26 pm
parental Rights. Rita Poranbski  7/26/19  8:19 pm
Protect Parental Rights John and Beverly Buczacki  7/26/19  6:41 pm
Protect parental rights Jacqueline Manapsal  7/26/19  4:35 pm
Parental rights are threatened by this Regulatory Action John Fittz  7/26/19  4:34 pm
Protect Parental Rights! Warren Corson  7/26/19  4:15 pm
Parental rights Elizabeth Berger  7/26/19  3:34 pm
Conversion Therapy Thomas J Duncan  7/26/19  3:08 pm
parental right Gerald Kuhn  7/26/19  2:51 pm
Please do not ban requested therapy Irene Maria DiSanto  7/26/19  2:07 pm
Parental rights and so-called "Conversion therapy Kieran Carter  7/26/19  1:56 pm
Comments Regarding the Proposed Amendmment of 18VAC125-20 Thomas F. Griffin, Lt.Col., USAF (Ret)  7/26/19  1:52 pm
oppose the regulation of counseling NL  7/26/19  1:49 pm
Parental rights Beth Martini  7/26/19  1:25 pm
Regulatory Action is Misguided Dennis Huyck  7/26/19  1:00 pm
This ban is misguided and unconstitutional Chris Russo  7/26/19  12:50 pm
No bans on discussing sexual ethics Melissa Swearingen  7/26/19  12:47 pm
Opposed to Regulation 18VAC125-20 Kay Miller  7/25/19  11:50 am
Oppose Amending 18VAC115-20,-30,-50,-60 Jeff Caruso, Virginia Catholic Conference  7/25/19  9:49 am
No to Regulation 18VAC125-20 Barbara Padgett  7/24/19  5:27 pm
Support for the NOIRA regarding regulation 18VAC125-20, on the Practice of Conversion Therapy Carol Schall  7/24/19  3:27 pm
Opposed to Regulation 18VAC125-20 Donna Clarke  7/23/19  8:29 pm
Say NO to Conversion Therapy: Stay in Your Lane Bridget Wilson  7/22/19  11:05 pm
Not a Good Policy Timothy Pittman  7/16/19  3:49 pm
Not a Timothy Pittman  7/16/19  3:23 pm
Conversion Ban Atypical and Illegal Mark Murphy  7/15/19  7:53 pm
Conversion therapy Michael F. Jeffrey, LPC, LMFT  7/14/19  11:44 am
Conversion "Therapy" and Youth Matthew R Lord  7/11/19  12:54 pm
Support for the NOIRA regarding regulation 18VAC1 25 - 20 , on the Practice of Conversion Therapy Larry Mendoza, State Director: American Atheists  7/11/19  12:07 pm
conversion therapy Joyce Samples  7/10/19  8:04 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Cheryll Lesser  7/10/19  7:02 am
Ban Conversion Therapy Berkley Holston, Horizon Behavioral Health  7/9/19  5:55 pm
Support for the NOIRA regarding regulation 18VAC140-20, on the Practice of Conversion Therapy Aiden Barnes, Southeastern Virginia Atheists, Skeptics, & Humanists  7/9/19  3:12 pm
Please ban conversion therapy Pamela Piero  7/9/19  3:07 pm
Re: Support for the NOIRA regarding regulations on the Practice of Conversion Therapy Equality Virginia  7/9/19  3:01 pm
In support of proposed guidelines in ethically and responsibly serving our LGBTQ Youth Carrie Lynn Bailey, 3 Little Birds Counseling LLC  7/9/19  1:31 pm
Conversion Therapy Ban Shirley Carley, Free Mom Hugs, VA  7/9/19  1:03 pm
Must Ban Conversion Therapy Colleen LaClair  7/9/19  9:14 am
Banning Conversion Therapy Mary Mullins  7/8/19  8:00 pm
Ban conversion therapy Elizabeth Harvey  7/8/19  7:21 pm
Ban conversion therapy. Elizabeth Florek  7/8/19  6:26 pm
The Trevor Project Supports the NOIRA regarding regulations 18VAC115-20, -30, -50, and -60 Casey Pick, The Trevor Project  7/8/19  6:01 pm

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