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Amendment to restriction on advertising dental specialties
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CLOSED     Opened on 8/6/2018 and Ended on 9/5/2018

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Comment Title Commenter
Strongly Opposed Dan Lill,DDS MS  9/5/18  11:34 pm
Strongly Opposed Dr. Greg Bath  9/5/18  11:22 pm
Petition against proposed change Little Pearls Dentistry  9/5/18  10:26 pm
Strongly opposed Pedram Yaghmai DDS, MD  9/5/18  10:24 pm
Strongly Opposed William L. Davenport, DDS  9/5/18  9:50 pm
Opposed - protect the patient! Lisa Bailey, Patient & Consumer  9/5/18  9:18 pm
Opposed Dr. Kevin D Kiely  9/5/18  8:12 pm
Strongly in Favor Hisham Barakat, DDS  9/5/18  6:42 pm
Strongly oppose this amendment proposal. Garry L. Myers, DDS, VCU Endo Grad Director, AAE Immediate Past President  9/5/18  5:00 pm
Strongly oppose A. Scott Anderson, III, DDS  9/5/18  4:25 pm
Strongly opposed! Gregory Engel, Beach Endodontics  9/5/18  3:54 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSED Sang Y. Kim DMD, MD, P.C.  9/5/18  2:51 pm
Strongly opposed Michael Gazori  9/5/18  2:40 pm
Strongly opposed to changes Marcel Lambrechts, Jr. DDS  9/5/18  2:27 pm
Strongy Oppose Khin Mimi San,Virginia Commonwealth University  9/5/18  1:27 pm
Strongly Opposed Michelle Toms  9/5/18  1:05 pm
Strongly oppose Christopher E. Bonacci DDS MD PC  9/5/18  11:57 am
Strongly opposed William Goodwin DDS  9/5/18  11:51 am
Strongly Oposed Carmen A. Cote, DDS  9/5/18  9:57 am
Strongy Oppose the Advertising Dental Specialities Amendment Ronald M. Rosenberg DDS, MS,LTD  9/5/18  9:13 am
Opposed Corey Sheppard  9/5/18  8:17 am
Speciality ad regulation a must! Jeffrey Thorpe  9/5/18  7:13 am
Deceiving the public by deregulation of dental specialty advertising. Strongly opposed. Harold J. Martinez, Commonwealth Endodontics  9/5/18  1:02 am
Strongly opposed Michael J Mayerchak, DMD  9/4/18  11:10 pm
Strongly Opposed Heather Moylan  9/4/18  10:05 pm
Support for Comment Prepared by AAO Heather Moylan  9/4/18  10:04 pm
Wrong for Virginia, Wrong for Dentisry Aaron Quitmeyer D.D.S.  9/4/18  9:47 pm
Strongly Oppose - Inherently Misleading Speach Should not be protected under 1st amendment Thomas F. Glazier, DDS, MSD; Richardson-Overstreet-Glazier  9/4/18  9:24 pm
Strongly OPPOSED to this regulation Jeff Bailey, DDS, MS  9/4/18  9:21 pm
Strongly Opposed to this Amendment Scott H Leaf DDS  9/4/18  8:56 pm
Strongly opposed Dr. Evan Chalk  9/4/18  6:10 pm
Opposed Patel Oral Surgery  9/4/18  5:57 pm
Oppose Farzaneh Rostami DDS  9/4/18  5:57 pm
Strongly opposed Bryan P. Wheeler, DMD  9/4/18  5:45 pm
strongly oppose advertising/ proclaiming a specialty lacking our profession's recognition! gregg l. kassan, dds  9/4/18  5:20 pm
EXTREMELY OPPOSED! Golden Pediatric Dentistry/Herschel L Jones DDS  9/4/18  4:05 pm
Advertising regulatory change in conflict with Virginia Dental Statutes? Rodney J Klima DDS  9/4/18  3:15 pm
Strongly Oppose Kevin Toms, DDS  9/4/18  2:30 pm
Opposed Frederick Canby DDS, MS  9/4/18  2:16 pm
opposed Christine Stang  9/4/18  1:24 pm
Opposed Strongly, please consider the innocent children's healthy care. Josephina Lac, DDS., MS. Pediatric Dentist.  9/4/18  1:12 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE Jessica Clark DDS  9/4/18  12:55 pm
Strongly oppose this change Michael Dunegan, DDS, MS  9/4/18  12:45 pm
Strongly Oppose John White  9/4/18  12:13 pm
oppose the Amendment to Restriction on Advertising Dental Specialties Thomas Eschenroeder DDS  9/4/18  12:10 pm
Amendment to Restriction on Advertising Dental Specialties: Thomas Eschenroeder DDS  9/4/18  12:10 pm
Opposed Richard F. Roadcap DDS  9/4/18  11:05 am
STRONGLY OPPOSE! Jill Beitz DDS, VCU Periodontics  9/4/18  10:36 am
Strongly Oppose - Why confuse and mislead the public? Dr. Kanyon Keeney-VOFS  9/4/18  10:30 am
Strongly OPPOSE Mala Britto DDS,MS  9/4/18  10:14 am
Strongly Opposed Stephanie Voth  9/4/18  10:03 am
The proposed advertising changes is dangerous to the public Julie Staggers Orthodontics  9/4/18  9:46 am
Strongly Opposed- Misleading to general public Dr. Lindsey North-- Dr. Richard Byrd & Associates Ortho & Pediatric Dentist  9/4/18  9:39 am
Amendment to remove advertising restrictions for dental specialists Rodney J Klima DDS PC  9/4/18  9:38 am
Opposed Ryan C Anderson DDS, Periodontal Health Associates  9/4/18  9:30 am
Strongly Opposed. Very misleading to the public. Wyatt Orthodontics  9/4/18  9:19 am
Strongly Oppose Reid D. Sowder Dr. Richard L. Byrd and Associates  9/4/18  9:13 am
STRONGLY OPPOSE Ashburn Children's Dentistry  9/4/18  8:58 am
Strongly Oppose Sherif N. Elhady DDS MS  9/4/18  8:57 am
Oppose RL Howell DDS & Associates, PC  9/4/18  8:53 am
Most strongly oppose Scott A. Synnott - Prosthodontist  9/4/18  8:44 am
dental advertising Stanley F Kayes DDS  9/4/18  8:36 am
Strongly Oppose Sheldon A. Bates, DMD  9/4/18  8:10 am
Strongly Opposed Michael E. Miller, DDS  9/4/18  7:59 am
Strongly Oppose Benjamin T Overstreet  9/3/18  11:04 pm
Strongly Opposed Steven G. Forte D.D.S.,Endodontist  9/3/18  8:00 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE Beth Faber, DDS, MS  9/3/18  7:20 pm
Strongly oppose this amendment Laurie Birsch, DDS  9/3/18  5:22 pm
Strongly Oppose Albert Konikoff  9/3/18  3:54 pm
Strongly Oppose Amy Adair, DMD, MSD, Pediatric Dentist  9/3/18  3:44 pm
Strongly opposed Angel K. Ray, DDS, MS  9/3/18  3:26 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSED Scott Eberle - VCU ALUM  9/3/18  3:07 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSED TO 18VAC60-21 Wm. Graham Gardner D.D.S.  9/3/18  7:19 am
STRONGLY OPPOSED Madelyn morris  9/2/18  6:44 pm
Strongly Oppose Soheil Rostami DDS  9/2/18  5:48 pm
Strongly oppose Aaron Stump DDS Charlottesville Pediatric Dentistry  9/2/18  3:33 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSED Amber Johnson, DO, DMD  9/2/18  2:36 pm
Strongly Opposed Sean Eccles DDS  9/2/18  2:03 pm
Strongly Opposed Dr Michael Holbert  9/2/18  1:37 pm
Strongly opposed Chris Ray, DDS  9/2/18  1:23 pm
Strongly opposed VCU Health  9/2/18  1:21 pm
Strongly oppose Chris Abernathy, DMD  9/2/18  1:09 pm
Strongly Oppose Mark Gardner DDS VCU Dept of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery  9/2/18  12:59 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSED N Ray Lee DDS  9/2/18  10:30 am
Amendment to restriction on specialty advertising N Ray Lee DDS  9/2/18  10:28 am
Strongly Oppose April Bridges-Poquis, DDS  9/1/18  8:29 pm
Strongly Opposed Morris L. Poole DDS, MSD  9/1/18  9:36 am
Strongly Opposed Andrew Zima DDS, MSD  9/1/18  9:13 am
Strongly Opposed S Patel  9/1/18  9:00 am
Strongly Oppose Gustav Horsey, DDS, MS  9/1/18  8:18 am
Strongly Oppose D. Eric Redmon, DDS  9/1/18  3:25 am
Srongly opposed Paul K. Hartmann, DDS  8/31/18  7:41 pm
speciality recognition Darrell a Meeks DMD (omfs)  8/31/18  7:25 pm
stringly oppose amendment Sandy Chang  8/31/18  7:03 pm
Strongly opposed Katie Doswell  8/31/18  4:52 pm
Strongly opposed Scott Flood, DDS  8/31/18  4:51 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE Erin Block, DDS, VCU Department of Graduate Periodontics  8/31/18  4:51 pm
strongly opposed! Dr. Damon Omar Watson  8/31/18  4:11 pm
Strongly Oppose Ashley A. Harman, DDS, Children's Dentistry of Virginia  8/31/18  3:56 pm
Strongly Appose Paul David, DDD  8/31/18  3:35 pm
Strongly Opposed Aura Center For Aesthetic Dentistry, Negar S Tehrani  8/31/18  3:00 pm
Additional Info on recent changes in definitions by the NC Board of Dentistry Steven J Lindauer, Chair, VCU SOD, Orthodontics  8/31/18  2:57 pm
Oppose M.Magid  8/31/18  2:36 pm
Strongly Opposed Geoffrey Schreiber, DDS  8/31/18  2:35 pm
Strongly oppose Melanie W. Spears, DDS, MS  8/31/18  2:20 pm
Strongly oppose Stephanie C. Smith DDS  8/31/18  2:08 pm
NOIRA Gregory A Conner  8/31/18  2:01 pm
Strongly oppose—unbelievable Graham Wilson  8/31/18  1:47 pm
Strongly oppose Meng Huan Lee, VCU Graduate Periodontics Reaident  8/31/18  12:11 pm
Strongly Opposed Carl O. Atkins, Jr., D.D.S., Atkins, Maestrello, Miller and Assoc.  8/31/18  11:49 am
STRONGLY OPPOSED Amy Reichert, DDS, VCU Department of Graduate Periodontics  8/31/18  11:31 am
OPPOSE-this intended only to deceive Neal Kravitz, Kravitz Orthodontics  8/31/18  11:30 am
Strongly Opposed Kevin Bibona, DDS, MSD  8/31/18  11:19 am
Strongly Opposed Denver Lyons, DDS, VCU Department of Periodontics  8/31/18  10:59 am
STRONGLY OPPOSE CHANGE Allison S. Purcell, DDS  8/31/18  9:19 am
STRONGLY OPPOSE Allison Williams  8/31/18  8:49 am
STRONGLY OPPOSE Claire Kaugars, DDS  8/30/18  11:00 pm
advertisement- strongly oppose change John Unkel DDS, MD, MPA  8/30/18  5:28 pm
Strongly oppose Michael A. Weiler, DMD  8/30/18  5:20 pm
Strongly Oppose David Keeton D.M.D.  8/30/18  12:53 pm
VCU Alumni - Strongly Oppose Kevin E. Kelleher DMD MSD  8/30/18  12:52 pm
Strongly Oppose Roger A. Hennigh, D.M.D.  8/30/18  12:05 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE! Can’t believe this would even be considered! Chase T. Prettyman, DDS, MSD  8/30/18  11:02 am
Strongly Opposed Elizabeth C. Miller DDS, MS, Atkins, Maestrello, Miller Pediatric Dent  8/30/18  10:57 am
Oppose in the strongest possible terms Steve J Lan  8/30/18  9:42 am
DISAGREE STRONGLY/MISLEADING Ernest E. Wooden, III  8/30/18  9:39 am
Stringly oppose. Misleading Michael Payne DMD, VAO  8/30/18  9:15 am
Strongly Oppose Riley Hunsaker DDS, VCU Orthodontics  8/30/18  8:42 am
Strongly oppose Dan Stewart DMD MSD  8/30/18  8:24 am
Very Strongly Oppose Scott Sachs, LWSS Family Dentistry and Dentistry for Children  8/30/18  8:18 am
strongly oppose Jennifer Woodside, DDS  8/30/18  8:00 am
Strongly oppose. Daniel R Pennella DMD INC  8/30/18  7:52 am
Oppose. How is this debatable? You either are a specialist or you are not. Larry Scarborough  8/30/18  7:40 am
Strongly Oppose Joy Phelps  8/30/18  7:14 am
Title 18. Professional and Occupational Licensing Barrett W. R. Peters, DDS, MSD - Virginia Society Pediatric Dentistry  8/29/18  5:32 pm
Strongly Oppose Mary Foley, Piedmont Regional Dental Clinic  8/29/18  2:48 pm
Strongly Oppose Erica Brecher DMD, MS, VCU School of Dentistry  8/29/18  2:12 pm
Opposed. Patients come first. David Hughes  8/29/18  12:11 pm
Strongly oppose Sooyeon Ahn  8/28/18  7:50 pm
Oppose Tegwyn Brickhouse DDS PhD, VCU School of Dentistry  8/28/18  4:34 pm
Strongly oppose Juan Loza  8/28/18  11:16 am
Strongly Oppose Steve Haverkos  8/27/18  9:40 pm
Strongly Oppose Deirdre Maull  8/27/18  8:47 pm
Comments in opposition to changes being proposed to 18VAC60-21 Sean Murphy, Attorney for the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO)  8/27/18  6:33 pm
Strongly Oppose Edward Snyder / Dr. Edward P. Snyder  8/27/18  4:00 pm
Strongly Oppose Dr. Ignacio Blasi  8/27/18  3:42 pm
Opposed! Protect the Public! Alfred C Griffin, Jr. DDS, Harvard School of Dental Medicine  8/27/18  3:30 pm
Strongly Oppose Owais Naeem DDS, VCU Orthodontics  8/27/18  3:24 pm
Very strongly oppose DrSuzanne m dennis  8/27/18  3:23 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE Dr. Liliana Calkins  8/27/18  3:00 pm
Strongly In Favor Adam Foleck  8/27/18  1:22 pm
opposed to changes to specialty advertising regulations George Sabol DDS  8/27/18  1:16 pm
Strongly in favor Dr. Adam Hogan DDS  8/27/18  11:00 am
Oppose Southside Endodontics PC  8/27/18  10:30 am
Oppose Russell Mullen, DDS MS  8/27/18  9:30 am
Expect my complete state association withdrawal. William S Dodson Jr DMD  8/27/18  7:23 am
Must be approved to protect the public from harm Josh Hanson  8/26/18  8:22 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE Dr. A B Hammond  8/26/18  7:21 pm
Strongly oppose inaccurate dental specialty advertisement Ursula Klostermyer, Prosthodontist  8/26/18  3:39 pm
Strongly Oppose Dr. Matthew Cline  8/25/18  8:45 am
Amnendment to specialty advertising E Richard HUGHES  8/24/18  6:59 pm
Why Dentistry Needs an Implant Specialty R.S. Mayberry DDS, DABOI  8/24/18  3:30 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE Dr. Mark Vagnetti  8/24/18  1:40 pm
VERY STRONGLY OPPOSED Dr. Tierney Winberg  8/24/18  1:37 pm
Strongly oppose Karen S McAndrew  8/24/18  11:01 am
Very Strongly Oppose Danielle Robb, DDS  8/24/18  9:49 am
Obviously Oppose David Jones  8/24/18  8:57 am
Very strongly opposed Elena Black, Appalachian Orthodontics of Lynchburg  8/24/18  4:52 am
Strongly Opposed Azita Abbasi, Top Nova Orthodontics  8/23/18  9:48 pm
Strongly Oppose!!! Dan W. Lee DDS  8/23/18  2:37 pm
Strongly Opposed Nikolay Mollov, DDS, MS  8/23/18  2:05 pm
Specialist are.....? Dr. Ralph H.B. Anderson  8/23/18  10:36 am
I strongly disagree, and appose. Giridhara Chittivelu  8/22/18  3:21 pm
Opposition Paul H. Patterson, DDS,MS  8/22/18  1:50 pm
Strongly Opposed Jeremy Davidson  8/22/18  10:49 am
Strongly opposed Eric R. Shell, DDS, MS - Southside Orthodontics  8/21/18  11:40 pm
STRONGLY opposed Carolyn Bradford  8/21/18  9:21 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSED Alyssa G. Ricci  8/21/18  3:59 pm
Strongly oppose Dr. Chen  8/21/18  2:57 pm
Vehemently Opposed Frank Iuorno  8/21/18  2:06 pm
Strongly Opposed Paul White, White Orthodontics  8/21/18  1:24 pm
strongly against this change William Dabney  8/21/18  1:24 pm
Very Strongly Oppose! Wiliam Horbaly  8/21/18  12:57 pm
The death of truth in dentistry Madueke E Ekoh  8/21/18  12:35 pm
Strongly opposed to the proposed specialty advertisement regulation Eser Tufekci, VCU School of Dentistry  8/21/18  12:21 pm
Strongly Opposed Bhavna Shroff, Department of Orthodontics, VCU  8/21/18  12:17 pm
Strongly Opposed VCU School of Dentistry-Department of Orthodontics  8/21/18  12:14 pm
Strongly Opposed Steven J Lindauer, VCU School of Dentistry  8/21/18  11:53 am
Strongly oppose Andrew Glassick  8/21/18  11:51 am
Strongly Opposed Patrick Holmes, DDS, MSD  8/21/18  11:45 am
STRONGLY OPPOSE Jason Hsieh  8/21/18  11:38 am
General Dentistry and Specialization Fairfax Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery  8/21/18  10:28 am
Strongly Oppose Tu-Son Ngo  8/21/18  8:39 am
Oppose Sarah Pavon Groy DMD MS  8/20/18  9:50 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE S Grace Djeu, DMD  8/20/18  8:39 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE Inaccurate promotion of specialty status is deceiving and harmful to the public Garret Djeu, DMD, PC  8/20/18  8:38 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSED. This is absolutely crazy. Lou Filippone DDS  8/20/18  6:02 pm
Oppose Marni Voorhees Husson  8/20/18  2:19 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE!! Premier Smiles of Merrifield  8/20/18  9:10 am
Strongly Opposed Dr. Thomas Padgett, D.M.D. Oral and Facial Surgeon  8/19/18  8:44 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSED Natalie La Rochelle DDS MSD  8/19/18  5:27 pm
Must think about the least ethical in our profession. John L. McDonald, DMD, Cert Ortho, McDonald Orthodontics  8/19/18  3:34 pm
Strongly Oppose Harblack box Aggarwal  8/19/18  12:08 pm
Strongly opposed Andrew G. Gilfillan DDS  8/19/18  10:44 am
Is this a serious consideration? If it passes then I’m declaring myself an astronaut/surgeon. Ross Wlodawsky,DDS  8/18/18  10:15 pm
Oppose Akbar Dawood DMD  8/18/18  6:11 pm
Strongly oppose. Misleading the public invites injury to patients and our profession! Terry White. White Orthodontics  8/18/18  8:55 am
Strongly oppose Meghan O’Connell, DDS, MS  8/17/18  9:19 pm
Interesting Perspectives Jonathan Wong, DMD; Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia  8/17/18  7:50 pm
Oppose this action for obvious reasons Zach Casagrande  8/17/18  6:45 pm
Inaccurate promotion of specialty status is deceiving and harmful to the public David Burns  8/17/18  11:10 am
Strongly Oppose Advertising Changes Dawn Crandall, DDS  8/17/18  10:41 am
Strongly Oppose Erika Sachno  8/17/18  10:36 am
Strongly Opposed Quoc Lu  8/17/18  9:26 am
Strongly Oppose Matt Joosse  8/17/18  8:41 am
Oppose Nanda orthodontist  8/17/18  3:47 am
Oppose Erick Carlucci  8/16/18  11:47 pm
Strongly oppose the amendment to section 80. The current legislation should remain as is. Lindsay Rambo  8/16/18  11:27 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSED Lilly Padilla, DDS  8/16/18  11:20 pm
Strongly opposed Albert Parulis, DMD  8/16/18  10:31 pm
What are we doing??? Craig E. Vigliante M.D., D.M.D.  8/16/18  10:18 pm
Vehemently oppose! Renee Pompei  8/16/18  9:58 pm
strongly opposed Leeann Evans, DDS, MS  8/16/18  8:50 pm
Strongly oppose. Lauren Wegrzyniak, DMD, MBA  8/16/18  8:45 pm
OPPOSE!!!! Cameron Lamb, DDS  8/16/18  8:39 pm
Strongly oppose! Please protect the public from confusion. Kelly Morgan DMD,MS Morgan Orthodontics  8/16/18  8:24 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSE Grant G. Coleman, DMD, MS VCU Graduate  8/16/18  7:53 pm
STRONGLY OPPOSED Diana Almy Fredericksburg Orthodontics  8/16/18  7:33 pm
Opposed to recognition of dental specialties other than those standardized and recognized by the ADA Joseph Herbst, D.D.S.  8/16/18  7:31 pm
Strongly against David M Franks  8/16/18  5:13 pm
STRONGLY APPOSED- Protect the patients! Candice Coleman, DDS  8/16/18  4:22 pm
Strongly opposed Carlos Ibanez, DDS OMFS  8/16/18  4:08 pm
Criminal behavior GPs misrepresent themselves as Specialists all the time to the unsuspecting public Michael J. O'Shea  8/16/18  4:06 pm
Strongly oppose changes Michael Huband DDS  8/16/18  4:03 pm
Strongly opposed. Dangerous to the public Dr Stephan Tisseront  8/16/18  3:57 pm
Very opposed Barton D. Weis, DDS  8/16/18  3:05 pm
Strongly oppose Greg Ohanian  8/16/18  2:09 pm
Strongly Opposed Matt McCoy  8/16/18  1:41 pm
STRONGLY oppose Ann-Colter Cheron, DMD, MS  8/16/18  1:06 pm
Opposed to malpractice Ashley Larson  8/16/18  1:05 pm
Strongly oppose Taylor Varner DDS  8/16/18  12:30 pm
Strongly Oppose Sheamus Hart, Hart Orthodontics  8/16/18  12:18 pm
Strongly opposed Carlos Ibanez  8/16/18  11:43 am
Strongly Oppose, Protect the Public John Jewett, Tri-Cities Orthodontics  8/16/18  11:41 am
Avoid inviting fraud Dr. Scott Frey  8/16/18  11:39 am
Strongly Opposed! Sarah Summers, OMFS  8/16/18  11:14 am
Strongly Opposed Jordan Katyal, DMD  8/16/18  11:10 am
Strongly opposed David Lee DDS MS  8/16/18  11:04 am
Amendment to restriction on advertising dental specialties Thomas Waldrop, Professor, Director Graduate Periodontcs, VCU  8/16/18  11:03 am
Strongly Oppose Brandon Johnson DMS MS  8/16/18  10:51 am
Opposed Elijah Wang DDS MS  8/16/18  10:47 am
Strongly oppose. The public need to know who are real specialists for their dental care Hyue K. Kwon, DDS, PC  8/16/18  10:44 am
Oppose this change Luis Gutierrez  8/16/18  10:40 am
Strongly opposed Dr. Gerardo Guajardo  8/16/18  10:38 am
Strongly Opposed Syed Kalim Hussaini, DDS  8/16/18  10:12 am
Strongly opposed Kevin Brewer, Alexandria Oral Surgery  8/16/18  9:53 am
Strongly opposed Elvi Barcoma DDS  8/16/18  9:50 am
Strongly oppose to reduce confusion Robert A Miller DMD  8/16/18  9:42 am
Strongly Oppose Swathi Reddy  8/16/18  9:15 am
Strongly Opposed. Protect the Public Dr. Justin Hughes DDS, Hughes Orthodontics  8/16/18  8:22 am
Strongly Oppose, Please protect our patients! Jeffrey Rothman DDS  8/16/18  8:18 am
Strongly opposed Elizabeth Jones  8/16/18  7:41 am
Opposed Nitika Mittal DDS MSD  8/16/18  7:32 am
R u kidding me?? Why would u want to mislead the citizens more than current advertising does? WTHeck Scott Berman  8/16/18  7:31 am
Protect the public and oppose the amendment Herb Hughes DDS  8/16/18  6:55 am
Strongly Opposed John Unger, VCU School of Dentistry  8/15/18  1:09 pm
Strongly opposed Gavin Aaron DDS, MS  8/15/18  8:48 am
Strongly opposed Mariano Polack  8/14/18  10:14 pm
Strongly opposed Jason Margolis  8/14/18  10:12 pm
Strongly oppose Pandora Wojnarwsky  8/14/18  6:14 pm
Oppose this change Christabel Sweeney DDS  8/14/18  9:23 am
Dental Specialists Lloyd Vakay  8/14/18  7:29 am
Opposed Sorin Uram-Tuculescu, DDS, MS, PhD, VCU School of Dentistry  8/13/18  8:18 pm
Opposed Dr. Robert A. Strauss  8/13/18  4:50 pm
Strongly opposed to the proposed Specialty Advertising proposal. Thanos Ntounis DDS,MS  8/11/18  1:58 pm
Strongly Opposed Lillie Pitman, DMD  8/10/18  9:19 am
A common theme among dissenters Jonathan L Wong, Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia  8/9/18  9:49 pm
A Mislead Uproar - How to make specialties and specialists less biased and actually carry weight Jonathan L Wong, Coastal Pediatric Dental & Anesthesia  8/9/18  8:53 pm
Strongly oppose removal of restrictions Shravan Renapurkar  8/9/18  11:20 am
Strongly Opposed to removing restrictions on specialist advertising Adam Ta, DDS  8/8/18  10:52 pm
Oppose this potential change Chris R. Richardson, DMD, MS  8/8/18  9:44 pm
Opposed Matthew Stephens, DDS, Dental Associates  8/8/18  3:53 pm
Deleting from section 80 requirement to be appropriately recognized: definite opposition. It is not Mayer G. Levy, DDS  8/8/18  1:49 pm
Strongly Oppose Amendment to Advertising Dental Specialties Frank Grogan DDS  8/8/18  12:17 pm
Strongly Oppose! Mark R Zemanovich, DDS  8/8/18  12:05 pm
Oppose Amendment Nicholas Ilchyshyn, DDS  8/8/18  10:44 am
Strongly opposed Robert LeNoir, Brown Reynolds Snow LeNoir Dentistry  8/8/18  10:15 am
Strongly Opposed Natalie Powell  8/8/18  10:10 am
Strongly opposed Joshua Fein, DDS, MS  8/8/18  9:51 am
Advertising of Dental Specialities Elizabeth A. Alcorn, DDS  8/8/18  9:04 am
Dental Specialty Designation Rod Rogge, DDS  8/6/18  5:28 pm
Opposing Removal of Restrictions on Dental Specialty Advertising in Virginia Douglas H. Mahn, DDS  8/6/18  11:41 am

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