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Regulations Banning Concealed Firearms in Offices Occupied by Executive Branch Agencies [1 VAC 30 ‑ 105]
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Promulgation of new regulation banning concealed firearms in executive branch agency offices
Final Stage - View the regulatory documents

CLOSED     Opened on 12/26/2016 and Ended on 1/25/2017

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I do not feel safe in buildings where only the rule breakers are armed Kristi Horton  1/23/17  3:29 pm
Strongly oppose James Graf  1/23/17  10:23 am
Strongly oppose Michael Parker  1/23/17  7:38 am
Prohibition of exercise of civil rights in state offices Daniel L. Hawes, Esq.; Virginia Legal Defense  1/23/17  7:14 am
Strongly oppose Daniel Perez  1/23/17  6:40 am
Strongly oppose William Hudson  1/23/17  6:01 am
Strongly Oppose James Minor  1/23/17  4:08 am
In support Connor  1/22/17  11:49 pm
Strongly opposed Charles Bishop  1/21/17  3:47 pm
Strongly oppose Nathan Waters  1/20/17  12:17 am
Strongly oppose Nathan Wright  1/19/17  7:57 pm
"...SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED..." Article I. Section 13. Waldo White  1/19/17  12:46 pm
Strongly oppose this legislation and role. S coble  1/19/17  12:13 pm
Strongly oppose David Leonard  1/19/17  11:48 am
Strongly Oppose David Eubanks  1/19/17  11:34 am
Strongly oppose Mark Attanasio  1/19/17  11:18 am
Criminals don't obey such laws, why disarm the law-abiding? Kelly Cobean  1/19/17  10:13 am
Strongly Opposed David White  1/19/17  9:32 am
This is rediculous James Scites  1/19/17  12:50 am
Violation of 2nd amendment Anthony Dalesandro  1/18/17  11:53 pm
I strongly oppose this! Mark Lennon  1/18/17  11:34 pm
I strongly oppose!! Ronald hatfield Jr.  1/18/17  10:35 pm
Opposed Alan Rose  1/18/17  10:06 pm
I oppose this ban Ken Richards  1/18/17  9:40 pm
Opposition to proposed regulations John Templin  1/18/17  9:33 pm
Proposed ban on firearms in executive offices Wesley Moy  1/18/17  9:27 pm
The People's rights should be upheld in gov't buildings Roland Corbett  1/18/17  8:54 pm
We strongly oppose this regulation Michael & Anita Kolodzinski  1/18/17  8:16 pm
I Oppose the Ban Louis Talbot - Citizen  1/18/17  5:40 pm
I oppose this ban Robert Sedaker  1/18/17  5:17 pm
I oppose this ban Dan Henry  1/18/17  4:29 pm
Oppose ban of concealed carry in executive officer buildings. Rev. John A Hilton  1/18/17  4:10 pm
I strongly oppose this proposed regulation Chuck Kubasek  1/18/17  3:07 pm
Strongly Oppose, as did MOST when the preliminary rule was posted T. Ailshire, American Citizen  1/18/17  2:56 pm
Strongly Oppose Ron Maurice  1/18/17  2:44 pm
Oppose this Jeff Haas  1/18/17  2:40 pm
Strongly oppose this Regulation David Hicks  1/18/17  2:33 pm
I strongly oppose this Regulation! R. Ouchna  1/18/17  2:20 pm
Opposition to Proposed Rule Jon Hays  1/18/17  2:00 pm
Oppose this legislation Lee Affholter  1/18/17  1:52 pm
I Very Strongly Oppose This Regulatory Steven Whipple  1/18/17  1:27 pm
I strongly oppose David Taylor  1/18/17  1:16 pm
Oppose this regulation Michael Stephenson  1/18/17  1:01 pm
Oppose the regulation Chris McLean  1/18/17  12:55 pm
I oppose Frederick Wilson  1/18/17  12:53 pm
Oppose regulation Kevin Anderson  1/18/17  12:42 pm
Opposed to Regulation Alex Euler  1/18/17  12:37 pm
Opposed Nathan May  1/18/17  12:23 pm
Let's have some common sense ! Roger Gossett  1/18/17  12:20 pm
Oppose Patrick shipley  1/18/17  12:09 pm
Oppose proposed regulations Chris Walsh,  1/18/17  12:02 pm
Opposed to this Regulation Bryan Dunn  1/18/17  11:59 am
Opposition to Proposed Rule Stevan Porter, Citizen  1/18/17  11:50 am
I oppose this proposed regulatory action Kenneth W Hart  1/18/17  11:29 am
Protect our 2nd ammendment rights! Jay Pilot  1/18/17  11:11 am
Oppose Regulation Harold Bess  1/18/17  11:06 am
No new regulations for firearms. Robert White  1/18/17  10:57 am
Reject the ban, follow the constitution! Gary McDuffie  1/18/17  10:52 am
Oppose Richard Cooke  1/18/17  10:52 am
Baseless Claim Clay H.  1/18/17  10:47 am
NO! Mark Eggeman  1/18/17  10:25 am
You are our REPRESENTATIVES; you work for US Tess Ailshire  12/28/16  11:04 am
I Aaron Stevenson  12/27/16  2:06 pm
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