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General Notice: Draft Mental Health Services Manual Appendix G

CLOSED     Opened on 10/7/2021 and Ended on 11/6/2021

The draft Mental Health Services Provider Manual (Appendix G) is now available on the DMAS website for public comment until November 6, 2021.

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Comment Title Commenter
RCSU Comments Dana Dewing, HRCSB  11/6/21  11:38 pm
Mobile Crisis Comments Dana Dewing, HRCSB  11/6/21  10:28 pm
Crisis Services (Appendix G) in General Dana Dewing, HRCSB  11/6/21  10:18 pm
RCSU Heather Honaker, Rappahannock Area CSB  11/6/21  6:28 pm
Appendix G Comments Lorie Horton, Highlands Community Services  11/6/21  10:56 am
Loss of life could result from implementation of DMAS regs Kirsten Herman  11/6/21  9:08 am
Mobile Crisis Response Sheriff Mike Mondul  11/6/21  7:01 am
Service Rates - General Comment Ryan Dudley  11/5/21  9:22 pm
23hr. - Critical Features & Service Components Ryan Dudley  11/5/21  9:11 pm
-23 Hour Crisis Stability Billing requirements. References needing authorization for each service. Ryan Dudley  11/5/21  9:06 pm
CEEP for Crisis Continuum Ryan Dudley  11/5/21  9:03 pm
Mobile Crisis Response -- Medical Necessity Criteria Ryan Dudley  11/5/21  8:58 pm
Mobile Crisis - "A referral from the Crisis Hotline is required" Ryan Dudley  11/5/21  8:54 pm
Assessment for Services (All Crises Services Ryan Dudley  11/5/21  8:45 pm
Reposting of Draft Regulations Ryan Dudley  11/5/21  8:28 pm
Administrative Services Director Barbara Brady, HRCSB  11/5/21  5:24 pm
RN requirement for crisis services Ellie Sturgis, Director Cook Counseling Center  11/5/21  5:10 pm
Crisis Services Lori Wood, Region Ten CSB  11/5/21  4:04 pm
Call Center requirement: Mobile Crisis/Community Stabilization for Children Cumberland Mountain CSB  11/5/21  2:47 pm
DMAS changes would have negative impacts Joy Hottenstein,  11/5/21  2:15 pm
Devastating impact Lauren Naldo  11/5/21  12:20 pm
We are already stretched too thin Ashley DeVries, Cook Counseling Center  11/5/21  11:48 am
Draft Mental Health Services Manual- Appendix G Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board  11/5/21  10:28 am
Changes too soon will negatively impact services available Lydia Qualls, Virginia Tech Cook Counseling Center  11/5/21  10:24 am
Appendix G Comments Brooke Mitchell, Loudoun County MHSADS  11/5/21  10:21 am
Too much, too soon Erica Coates, Cook Counseling Center, Virginia Tech  11/5/21  10:02 am
Crisis Services Concerns Cristi Aaron; DPCS  11/5/21  9:32 am
DMAS Changes will impact services available Jenny Dye  11/5/21  9:26 am
Resource Needs Robert Ritchey  11/5/21  9:11 am
Mobile Crisis Response Walter Simms, Jr. Danville-Pittsylvania CSB  11/5/21  1:57 am
Crisis Hotline Rebekah Brubaker, HRCSB  11/4/21  1:24 pm
RCSUs Rebekah Brubaker, HRCSB  11/4/21  1:20 pm
Crisis Services Comments Lauren Cressell  11/4/21  1:02 pm
Crisis Services Melanie Tosh  11/4/21  12:23 pm
RN Requirement and Crisis Hotline Scott Moye, Giles County Sheriff's Office  11/4/21  12:05 pm
Impact of regulation changes and timeframe KJ Holbrook, MRCS  11/4/21  11:23 am
Mental Health Services Manual Jodie Burton  11/4/21  9:32 am
Crisis Services Sandra L Irby  11/3/21  6:50 pm
Comprehensive Crisis Services Shenee McCray, RBHA  11/3/21  9:44 am
Definition needed for "at time of admission" for CSU Kim Woodlee, MRCS  11/2/21  8:53 pm
Referral from Crisis Hotline for Mobile Crisis Services Kim Woodlee, MRCS  11/2/21  8:28 pm
24/7 RN Coverage Kim Woodlee, MRCS  11/2/21  8:07 pm
Referral from the Crisis Hotline Brandon Rodgers, Western Tidewater CSB  11/2/21  10:45 am
Residential Crisis Stabilization 24/7 Nursing and RN Oversight Brandon Rodgers, Western Tidewater CSB  11/2/21  10:39 am
RCSU: language regarding involuntary admission Cumberland Mountain CSB  11/1/21  6:07 pm
CEPP Cumberland Mountain CSB  11/1/21  5:59 pm
RCSU: initial registration 5 days Cumberland Mountain CSB  11/1/21  5:55 pm
RCSU: 24/7 RN present on the unit Cumberland Mountain CSB  11/1/21  5:50 pm
RCSU/Assessment Requirements Cumberland Mountain CSB  11/1/21  5:45 pm
RCSU/Psych Eval provider qualifications Cumberland Mountain CSB  11/1/21  5:27 pm
23 Hour CS: 24/7 RN requirement Cumberland Mountain CSB  11/1/21  5:15 pm
23 hour CS/Psych eval provider qualifications/psych eval at admission Cumberland Mountain CSB  11/1/21  5:10 pm
Community Crisis Stab/crisis hotline referral Cumberland Mountain CSB  11/1/21  5:01 pm
Mobile Crisis Response/Required activities/Referral from Crisis Hotline Cumberland Mountain CSB  11/1/21  4:58 pm
General observations on proposed regulations Mac Babb  11/1/21  4:22 pm
Mobile crisis anonymous (116580)  10/29/21  3:29 pm
Peer Services Tamara Starnes  10/29/21  1:46 pm
RCSU Psych eval Tamara Starnes  10/29/21  1:41 pm
RCSU/Nursing requirements Amy Erb  10/28/21  12:34 pm
RCSU/Psychiatric evaluation Amy Erb  10/28/21  12:31 pm
Appendix G Comments and Concerns Jonina Moskowitz, VB Dept. of Human Services  10/27/21  2:47 pm
Appendix G would create devastating consequences for our community. Melissa G Shaw  10/27/21  12:39 pm
Medicaid Reg Feedback/Questions Sean Runyon  10/26/21  5:05 pm
Detrimental Medicaid Reg. Changes Susan Richardson, NRVCS  10/26/21  3:05 pm
Community Stab and RCSU authorization Amy  10/26/21  10:58 am
Medicaid Reg changes Kristie Williams NRVCS  10/26/21  10:56 am
Detrimental changes to MH in Virginia! Joseph W Young, Jr., Board Chair NRVCSB  10/26/21  10:42 am
CSU Psychiatric Evaluation Timeframe Morgan Greer, MRCS  10/25/21  11:00 am
24/7 Nursing at CSU's Morgan Greer, MRCS  10/25/21  10:54 am
Residential Crisis Stabilization Loren Johnson  10/22/21  2:32 pm
Correction: 2 LMHPS to respond to Mobile Crisis Tamara Starnes, BRBH  10/15/21  10:00 am
Requirement for a call from the Crisis Hotline to provide Mobile Crisis Tamara Starnes, BRBH  10/15/21  9:48 am
Mobile Crisis Teams, 2 LMHPs Tamara Starnes, BRBH  10/15/21  9:33 am

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