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3/3/19  3:39 pm
Commenter: George Mears, Retired geologist & environmental engineer

Strongly Oppose! RGGI is based on Green religion, not science.

When I was working as a geology research assistant at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Twenhoffel Lab, during the late 1960s I was using paleoindicator organisms (single celled Foraminifera--Globigerina sp. to be specific) that coil one way in warm water/lower salinity and the opposite direction in cold water/higher salinity to evaluate deep Arctic and Mid-Atlantic deep ocean sediment cores repreenting tens of thousands of years of vertical sediment. We were routinely identifying many natural cycles of warming and cooling, the majority of which predated the Industrial Revolution.  CO2 does not trigger warming, nor sea level change, nor weather. This is just a useful cannard the UN IPCC hopes will remain a viable argument to tie mankind to natural geologic and geophysical cycles long enough to justify institution of a worldwide --or at least in developed economies--carbon tax to punish free market capitalism, redistribute wealth, and support greater government control to invalidate constitutions that endores individual freedoms, property rights, the 2nd Amendment for the US, and push Agenda 21 (now Agenda 2030, sustainability) objectives.

Prior to my geological and environmental engineering career I was a Navy pilot during which I flew research aircraft for the Naval Oceanographic Office with crews split between Navy and scientists from John Hopkins, Woods Ho0le, and/or Scripps Institute, depending on the research being conducted.  I spent hundreds of hours flying into huricanes to both positively identify storm centers, center pressures, steering winds, ocean temperatures and countless other parameters--until we trained the first NOAA crews to take the hurricane penetration and study mission over from the Navy in 1978.

RGGI is a disaster which will become a self inflicted wound to Virginia. New Renewable power sources are rediculously expensive, will NEVER be scalable to grid applications without even more rediculously priced battery systems that still don't exist.  Wven the $150M Tesla battery system installed in Austrailia to  meet demand needs when the wind isn't blowing and the sun isn't shining carred demand for only 3 hours total last month when over 200,000 homes and businesses lost power for almost three days!  Test achieved!  Renewables failed miserably!  Australia, Spain, and Germany have all swallowed the Green Energy mantra hook, line, and sinker and, today, all are teetering on complete grid failure and custyomers are paying an average of 4X the cost for electricity.  And the environmental damage being tied to wind turbines, long distyribution runs, and solar farms is just beginning to fill volumes!  Why would Virginia politicians simply decree that mandating 10% renewable energy in Virginia is in the public interest if they knew that this would automatically authorize protected utilities from increasing the total renewabnle energy in Virginia by 27X existing?  Are these politicians really that ignorant when it comes to science, economics, and the long list of unintended consequences that suchj decrees will precipitate? Please use some common sense and reject this entire RGGI plan!

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