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8/24/18  10:37 pm
Commenter: Erica Gray

VA Energy Plan for 2018 and Beyond

An energy plan that we invest in, should be one that is safe, efficient and one that does not create a waste product that will plague future genrations.
We need to invest in energy efficiency measures and renewables, like solar and wind.
The nuclear industry wants to rebrand it's self as green clean energy. It couldn't be further from the truth.
The whole nucleaar fuel chain is carbon intensive from start (uranium mining) to finish(Highly radioactive nuclear waste) and poses dangers to current as well as future generations.
Operating aging nuclear plants far beyond their original design lifetimes raises the specter of system failures, leaks and accidents.

At the last General Assembly, Dominion was already stating they will need billions for upgrades to their nuclear fleet. But the upgrades will not negate the fact that the most important, expensive and non replaceable part is the reactor vessel.  Please read on reactor vessel embrittlement. 
So we shouldn't be throwing more money down the drain on these antiquated facilities and we certaintly should not invest 20 billion plus on a reactor design that has never been built before (the one Dominion has chosen) and besides it would be beyond foolhardy to add another one right there on top of a KNOWN faultline in the VA Seismic Zone.
Let's not forget the highly radioactive waste problem.

If we care about our children and future generations, then we must invest in safe, clean energy and the time is now.

Thank you,
Erica Gray

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