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Department of Energy
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8/24/18  8:31 pm
Commenter: Alice Robie, Zero Carbon Virginia

The future of energy in Virginia must be carbon neutral

It is imperative that Virginia develops an energy plan that reduces carbon emissions with the goal of being carbon neutral by mid-century. The evidence that human production of greenhouse gases is changing the world-wide climate is substantial and compelling. And in Virginia the effects of climate change will come at a high economic, social, and environmental cost if we do not, as a species, reduce carbon emissions quickly. Its is inevitable that large-scale changes to the energy production systems will be made. Virginia can easily take leadership role in this change to the benefit of all our citizens. With plentiful sunshine, offshore breezes, and pump storage, we are well positioned to produce carbon neutral energy without draconian changes to the our way of life, but only if we start now! It is to our benefit to develop an economy based on sustainable energy and the jobs of the future rather than continue to invest in 20th century energy production mechanisms that will be outdated before their even brought online like coal and natural gas energy production facilities. We can look to our neighbors for inspiration: energy efficiency programs effectively reduce the need for need production, create jobs, and reduce costs to consumers in Maryland, and a mandatory Renewable Portfolio Standard pushes the development of next generation production facilities in North Carolina. The transition to renewable energy will place new demands on the energy grid and we must start investing in upgrades to smart grid technology. Many states are aggressively pursuing upgrades to their grids while Virginia waits on the sidelines. We can and should be better stewards of the future of Virginia.

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