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8/24/18  6:41 pm
Commenter: Linda Tanner-Sutton

DMME Virginia Energy Plan

I finally decided to send my comments in case, as opposed to most (or all) other government agencies, the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy will actually consider and incorporate comments from the public in the development of the Virginia Energy Plan.

The prime focus should be in promoting the research, development, and most efficient use of RENEWABLE RESOURCES for energy production, primarily solar and wind.  The areas of southwest Virginia ravaged from decades of coal mining would be perfect for large-scale solar and wind farms, as well as farms of agricutural products which could be used for biofuelsReforestation is also an important means of carbon sequestration and oxygen production, in addition to being an important natural resource.  Production or construction of any new fossil fuel sources and uranium mining should not be allowed in Virginia, period (especially natural gas pipelines).  We have adequate existing suppiles until sufficient renewable sources of energy are available to supplement and eventually replace them.

More financial incentives and flexibility should be available to assist and encourage private, public, and corporate use of renewable energy.  Also, our terribly vulnerable, outdated electrical grid needs to be totally revamped and decentralized into many smalller independent, secure, modular grids.  Individual households should be allowed to option to produce thier own energy "off the grid" or "sell" their renewable energy to the local electric company.  The development and execution of the Energy Plan and all necessary, related regulations must be completely INDEPENDENT of all "Big Energy" corporations (especially Dominion Energy), in order to benefit the residents (and the environment) of Virginia, not corporate profits.

Linda Tanner-Sutton

Roanoke County, VA

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