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8/22/18  8:46 am
Commenter: Kate Mahanes

Virginia needs to Encourage and Support Alternative Energies

   We operate a 70 acre farm near Staunton ,Virginia. Our farm has supported clean water and environmental practices that are benifiting both our surroundings and the watershed. Our biggest investment, though, has been in a solar wall which provides most of our electricity throughout the year, to a 4 bedroom house, Bank barn, two wells and a water system. We now enjoy central heat powered by our solar installation.

      Virginia leadership should encourage and  financially help citizens and companies to make the investment into solar and other alternatives to dirty, environmentally destructive fossil fuels. Through progressive, forward thinking policies, and implementation guidance and resources, each Virginia family can make a positive impact in the battle to save our climate. Solar is the right choice and it immediatily begins paying for the investment.  Many citizens need economic support and guidance to take this step. Virginia has the potential to be a national leader. Let's do it! 


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