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Department of Energy
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8/21/18  8:32 am
Commenter: Charles DeHart

Solar, nuclear, gas, oil, we need them all

Dear Virginia, Last year we made a significant investment in rooftop solar that helps us with our bills and helps the people of Virginia. Virginia law needs to support people like us by closing loopholes designed for big eneryg companies. Specifically, time to guarantee that every KWH we "backfeed" is credited to us. No more telling me that after 12 months, I have to give up any extra energy I have created and reset my NET to zero.

Likewise, we need to do all we can to support other energy sources. Nuclear, oil, gas. I have no problem with pipelines which actually reduce environmental damages compared to building inefficient and unsightly power lines across the state.

Let me also commend the Shenandoah Valley Electric Company for their great ability to prevent and restore power from storm damage. Their system should serve as a model for the state.


Chuck DeHart

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