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Department of Energy
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8/7/18  5:36 pm
Commenter: Matt Powers, Virtue Solar LLC

We need rooftop solar!

As a small-business owner in the solar industry, encouraging rooftop solar allows me to provide more jobs in the renewable energy field. While we support the transition to renewable energy in all forms, distributed generation, or rooftop solar are the most effective ways to benefit Virginians. When utilities develop large projects of solar and absorb the incentives otherwise directed towards homeowners, not only does it continue an archaic framework for how we get our energy (sending it long distances, accruing losses all along the way), it also keeps Virginians reliant on a monopoly. Lastly, these large projects often do not help with sustainable job creation. Many of the largest installation are done by out of state contractors that leave once the job is finished, taking away the local job opportunity, as well as money from the local economy. Rooftop solar ensures that the end-user gets the most benefit, the jobs stay local, and it develops a modern structure for energy. 

Incentives like net metering are crucial to the growth of my company.  On the other hand, arbitrary limits to net metering, standby charges and system size limitations reduce the size and scope of the work that my company is able to do. 


I respectfully urge you to expand rooftop solar in Virginia to create well-paying jobs, build clean, local energy into our communities and give consumers energy choice and freedom.


Thank you, and have a wonderful day. Thank you for reading.


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