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Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code [13 VAC 5 ‑ 63]
Action Update the Uniform Statewide Building Code
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Comment Period Ended on 9/29/2013
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9/26/13  1:22 pm
Commenter: Kristin Peckman

Energy efficiency is hidden from the buyer; that's why it needs to be in building codes

This is not a question of consumer choice.  This is a question of saving our environment, for all of us, not just for the owner of one home.  Precisely because homeowners are ofter unaware of the hidden values of better building techniques is why we have building codes in the first place.  Just as building codes help keep chimneys from catching fire and floors from falling in, better building efficiencies make the environment safer for all of us.  Now that better insulation is available, why not require it in the building codes?  Because ductwork often leaks from the very beginning, it needs to be properly tested before the house is put on the market.  These are no-brainers, but invisible to the potential home-buyer.  That's why the homebuilders don't want them, because home buyers don't see them.

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