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Update the Uniform Statewide Building Code
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CLOSED     Opened on 7/29/2013 and Ended on 9/29/2013

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Comment Title Commenter
2012 IECC energy code changes,,, Adopt the 2012 code changes Bud Green , Construction Supervisor, Loudoun Habitat for Humanity  9/29/13  9:26 pm
Strengthen the VA Building Code; Do not weaken it!! Jason Halbert  9/29/13  9:25 pm
Restore the full 2012 IECC energy efficiency building code Don Mowry  9/28/13  11:29 am
Energy Efficiency Ted Goshorn, Goshorn Inc. 30 year geothermal contractor  9/27/13  9:17 pm
Its the right thing to do garydettra  9/27/13  10:26 am
Virginia needs to adopt tougher energy codes including required verification. Rich Mialki Jr  9/27/13  9:28 am
Adopt the 2012 model code Laura Fiori, Local Energy Alliance Program  9/27/13  9:08 am
Virginia should adopt all of the efficiency improvements from the model codes Andrew Grigsby, Virginia Energy Efficiency Council  9/27/13  8:42 am
please do not weak energy efficiency building codes Christina Wulf  9/26/13  7:38 pm
Model building code standards should be strong to improve housing for the future. Hank Helmen  9/26/13  2:51 pm
The 2012 IECC should be adopted without alteration! Nancy Halgren  9/26/13  2:05 pm
Energy efficiency is hidden from the buyer; that's why it needs to be in building codes Kristin Peckman  9/26/13  1:22 pm
We are moving forward at a reasonable pace with energy improvements Kris Bridges, President VBCOA, Dep Building Official City of Martinsville  9/26/13  11:49 am
Support of tougher energy codes Elizabeth Gall  9/26/13  8:38 am
energy efficiency in building codes Edward Davis  9/25/13  10:35 pm
Total Cost of Ownership is not the total cost of construction Matt Jaroneski  9/25/13  4:03 pm
Please include energy efficiency - retrofitting after the fact is time-consuming and wasteful Morris Meyer  9/25/13  2:15 pm
Update the Uniform Building Code 13VAC5-63 Earle Mitchell  9/25/13  1:57 pm
Restore Energy Specifications Jim Manley  9/24/13  11:33 am
Restore Energy Efficiency Measures!! Emily Schosid, VT  9/24/13  11:23 am
Restore Energy Efficiency Measures in the Proposed Building Code Julio Stephens, RVCCC  9/24/13  11:06 am
Energy John Y. Gooch, Community Energy Conservation Program  9/24/13  10:57 am
Energy Bill Beachy  9/24/13  9:56 am
Restore Energy Efficient Code Items Fishpaw Architecture  9/24/13  9:19 am
Restore Fishpaw Architecture  9/24/13  9:18 am
Virginia residential code Bob Blankenship, RVCCC  9/24/13  7:56 am
Propsed changes to Residential Building Code Dave Bittle, BPI Analyst 1-800 WaterDamage  9/24/13  7:08 am
To water down energy efficient building codes is shortsighted Conrad Grundlehner  9/24/13  4:33 am
Virginia must adopt the full 2012 IECC energy efficient building codes. Kristin Peckman  9/23/13  8:46 pm
Adding energy efficiency requirements to building code M. Rupert Cutler, Ph.D., Roanoke Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization  9/23/13  4:47 pm
Restore all energy efficiency requirements to the proposed code Dr. Diana Christopulos, Roanoke Valley Cool Cities Coaliton  9/23/13  4:10 pm
Rainwater Non-Potable Water Systems Hampton Roads Planning District Commission  9/23/13  2:32 pm
approve new building codes. step, inc  9/23/13  10:53 am
Adopt Energy Efficiency Building Codes Billy Weitzenfeld  9/23/13  10:28 am
lower-income people need strong building codes Ivy Main, energy analyst and vice chair of the Virginia Sierra Club  9/23/13  10:03 am
Energy Efficiency in Building Codes Carol Davis, Town of Blacksburg  9/23/13  9:58 am
Energy Jeff Walker  9/23/13  9:37 am

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