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Regulations Establishing Standards for Accrediting Public Schools in Virginia [8 VAC 20 ‑ 131]
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10/29/08  12:32 pm
Commenter: William G. Duval

PEATC Next Steps



I solicit your personal assistance in ensuring that the State of Virginia change whatever laws/regulations/rules that may need to be changed to: 1. increase graduation rates, and more importantly, 2. reward the hard work by all those thousands of children with varying degrees of disability that God has placed at a disadvantage in the accomplishment of successfully navigating the State imposed hoops in the SOL Tests.  Children with disabilities work far harder to achieve goals than the average student does, and that hard work should be reflected by them earning at the very minimum a standard diploma.  Overachievers are rewarded with an advanced diploma so the field needs to be leveled by equally recogizing those among us who, no matter how hard they work, can never achieve at the same rate as some others.


I have earned several civilian degrees through the Masters level, and have successfully completed the same levels of educational attainment in the military schooling system up to the Army War College level.  I know what hard work is in advancing oneself.  And I also know how hard a child with a disability works to try to achieve what the school system demands from them - my Grandson is just one of those students who the current system implemented by the State of Virginia could potentially leave behind.  Without a normal high school diploma my Grandson will be sent on in life form the Virginia school system with a greater handicap then when he entered - NO Diploma!  I have spent a lifetime working in the service of our country in the Army and for the US Government in order to make this country a better, safer place for all of us to raise our children and grandchildren.  All of my work and experience and that of millions of others like me will be for not if the State of Virginia does not develop a method to recognize the achievements of all of our children, regardless of God given talents and abilities.  Thank you for your attention.


Bill Duval


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