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2007-2008 revisions
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Comment Title Commenter
All students deserve a chance Mary Wagner  11/5/08  7:20 am
graduation rate accountability Anne Chapin  11/3/08  2:02 pm
Please help support increased rates of students graduating from high school Pamela E. McIntire, Region Ten  10/31/08  6:21 pm
America is not a sub-standard country Heather Tower, Parent  10/30/08  4:46 pm
Help more students with disabilities get diplomas! Parents of an autistic in Blacksburg Virginia  10/30/08  12:59 pm
Public Comment from law student Kelly Godwin  10/29/08  9:34 pm
Highschool graduation rates Preston Lemon  10/29/08  5:40 pm
Graduation Desiree Childress  10/29/08  12:56 pm
PEATC Next Steps William G. Duval  10/29/08  12:32 pm
High School Graduation Janice Armstrong  10/29/08  11:47 am
Support for Standard and Advanced Diplomas Susan Clark  10/29/08  9:24 am
Graduation Rates Geraldine Woodley - Parent, Sponsor BRRS  10/28/08  4:58 pm
Graduation Targets Becky Thomas  10/28/08  2:48 pm
Increase Target Graduation Index Rebecca Slickis  10/28/08  10:18 am
Help Virginia students graduate Margaret Kertess  10/27/08  9:47 pm
Please Increase Target Graduation Index to 90 or Award More Points for Standards/Advanced Diplomas Kinne Hoffman  10/27/08  6:12 pm
graduation rate increase Alice Cannon  10/27/08  5:33 pm
Graduation Rates Matter Katherine B. Hoffman, Charlottesville NOW  10/27/08  1:12 pm
Please Increase Graduation Index Brian Johns  10/27/08  1:04 pm
Need to increase graduate rates Carolyn Micklem, African American Teaching Fellows of Charlottesville - Alb  10/27/08  12:49 pm
Hold schools to high graduation standards Melissa C. Goemann, Juvenile Law and Policy Clinic, UR Law  10/27/08  11:46 am
Graduation Rates Kathleen E. Valentine  10/25/08  12:17 pm
Graduation Target for Virginia’s schools Ken Yasnowsky  10/24/08  4:42 pm
Graduation Index Nancy F. Maloy  10/24/08  10:22 am
Graduation Index Keith S. Farrell  10/24/08  8:44 am
increase graduation rates in VA Deanne McNulty  10/23/08  10:02 pm
Help Stdents with Disabilities Succeed Ms. Vasantha K. Rayman  10/23/08  8:00 pm
Please increase the target for the graduation index to at least 90 points, OR adjust the graduation D. DiCola  10/23/08  5:49 pm
Comment Carrie Shuler  10/23/08  3:45 pm
high school graduation - diplomas and drop outs Melinda Whitehurst  10/23/08  2:59 pm
Increase support for dropout prevention among LEP and pregnant teens VA Public School Graduate  10/23/08  1:56 pm
What Good are the Diplomas? Sheila Kuders, Parent of 3 disabled children, autism and multiple disabilit  10/23/08  1:21 pm
Graduation Targets Lynn Wingard  10/23/08  1:19 pm
Graduation Targets Michele H Blitz  10/23/08  11:10 am
Graduation Target for Virginia’s schools Lisa M Roberts , Parent of special needs student  10/23/08  10:54 am
My son works so hard. He deserves a standard diploma when he graduates. Beth Perry  10/23/08  10:28 am
Need Guidance Counselors to Understand the Significance of Children with Autistic disorders Sharon Waters, Parent  10/23/08  10:23 am
Please Raise Graduation Expectations Judi DeDonato  10/23/08  9:56 am
Graduation Rates Ginger Smith  10/23/08  9:55 am
Standards of Accreditation Shelton Land, Land Mindz, Inc  10/20/08  10:37 am
Regulation revision for School Accreditation Regina Craig, Parent  9/17/08  11:26 am
Regulation on School Accreditation Mary S. Howard  9/17/08  10:18 am
Revision of Regulations for School Accreditation The Sound of Judah  9/17/08  9:15 am
Diplomas - Learning Disability Theresa Speight  9/17/08  7:05 am
Reading is key Judy Lucenta  9/16/08  9:07 pm
diplomas Parent, Greenbrier Schools  9/16/08  7:15 pm
My son just as other should be afforded a standard diploma Debra A. Grant  9/16/08  7:05 pm
graduation rates BARBARA FOSTER  9/16/08  5:29 pm
decrease high school drop outs Melinda Whitehurst  9/16/08  3:20 pm
Increase Graduation Rates for Virginia's Most Vulnerable Students Dylan Rosenthal  9/16/08  2:21 pm
My 11 yr old son has learning disabilities & is on track to graduate with an advanced degree. Dee Jacobson  9/16/08  2:13 pm
Your Current Proposal Gives Too Much Weight to Alternative Credentials! Judy Mejia  9/16/08  2:08 pm
Set Policies That Produce Results Advocating 4 Kids  9/16/08  1:43 pm
school accreditation Catherine J. Rotolo  9/16/08  1:22 pm

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