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3/29/13  10:25 am
Commenter: Kate Miceli

My Reproductive Organs Shouldn't Dictate My Rights

Abortion rights are something that is very important to me not only as a woman but as a Virginian. I'm a political science major at a Virginia public institution. I understand it seems important for Republicans or anyone who is pro-life to team up and fight to restrict women's constitutional rights. However, you're not thinking about the casualities of this amendment. I know you think unborn fetuses are the casualities but really it's families. Many women in America don't see abortions as a form of birth control, they see it as a decision they can CHOOSE to make. Many women who get abortions are from families who already have children and can't handle the financial/mental/emotional/physical strain of another child. If you don't believe me, I encourage you to go to the Guttmatcher Institute because they have wonderful, non-partisan information including abortion statistics. Families are the casualities, not unborn fetuses.

Virginia has gone blue in the last two presidential elections, we have two Democrats in the Senate, this isn't what Virginians want! It is estimated that this amendment will affect 50,000 women. Please, think if one of those women were your wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin or close friend. Our country was founded on the idea that citizens should make their own choices about their life. Where is the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for families forced to have another child because they can't have an abortion? Where is the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for the thousands of children given up for adoption and stuck in the foster system? 

Being pro-choice doesn't mean you are pro-abortion. It means that you believe women are smart individuals capable of making choices about their own bodies.

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