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Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities [REPEALED] [12 VAC 5 ‑ 412]
Action Regulations for Licensure of Abortion Facilities
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Comment Period Ends 3/29/2013
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3/22/13  11:29 pm
Commenter: Self Representing WOman

Hygenic Regulation of Abortion so called clinics

I do not recomend self regulation for abortion facilities. How many times are abortions conducted with mere profit at the expense of true concern? Any protest of objective regulation bespeaks of something to hide and can't be for the better of the woman's health. Where is the care of the woman? I thought so called legalization of the killing of pre-born children was in fact to bring "safety and cleanliness" into the picture. Wasn't the main logic behind allowing for the legalization of abortion because women were killing themselves by "unsafe" means like coat-hangers?

I am a woman who is pro-woman. I am pro-child, and pro-rights of the dad to have a say that his child should live, and I know scientifically, the life of a human being can only start at conception. Why, human conception wouldn't be a frog when it grows and matures. In short, I am pro-life! Animal, Earth, Sun and sky, but especially human. I oppose abortion under all circubstances as it is begins with a premise that is essentially anti-woman. I've met people who's mothers had meant to abort them, and they themselves are glad to be alive.

In the majority of cases documented, abortion is the circumbsect result of mere sexual gratification at the expense of disallowing the very awsome respect for female fecundity, ie, the power and ability and potential to sustain a new life, a life which can only be a human life. Abortion continues the disrespect of women! It is treating her God given gifts as worse than unwanted trash, it is definitly anti-child, and additionally, it disregards the suffering of many fathers who had no say when their child was destroyed.

Furthermore I strongly support safety and sanitary regulations for abortion so called clinics, not because I support abortion (I certainly don't) but because any facility in the Commonwealth of Virginia intending to provide "medical procedures" must meet basic sanitary criteria.  Wouldn't we at least want this for our daughters? Aren't these reasons of safety and sanitation the very reasons employed for legalizing this deplorable killing of babies in the first place?  Why would anyone oppose basic safety and sanitation? Do they have something to hide?

Self regulation is going to slip with the temptation of so high profit margins. True concern should invite and welcome outside inspection to keep all involved to the highest of standards. On Jan 3, 2013, extensive regulations set in place for veterinary clinics in the State of VIrginia--with no opostition to those that I can recall. Should not our daughters expect better in the clinics where they go?  How telling this is as to who or what we as a society really value. Those who truly care about women will want to provide the cleanest and safest environment possible when they undergo 'medical procedures'. 

To tell a woman that her best or only option is to kill her child is not an act of care or concern when there is so much money to be had for the practice--call it murder for profit.  True concern reaches out to help and not hurt.

**For those who are in need of help before or after abortion, please contact Project Rachel  888-456-HOPE.  There you will receive true help and no one will judge you or charge you because they truly do care.  Women deserve better than abortion - in any clinic.


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