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Regulation for Emissions Trading [9 VAC 5 ‑ 140]
Action Repeal CO 2 Budget Trading Program as required by Executive Order 9 (Revision A22)
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Comment Period Ended on 3/31/2023
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3/31/23  10:17 am
Commenter: Daniel Herrera


The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative was legislated and Virginia officially entered into the initiative and our participation became legally mandated.  A significant amount of citizen input was directed to the elected Members of the General Assembly leading up to our legislature voting for enrolling Virginia in the Initiative.  Participating in RGGI is the will of the people of Virginia.

The Initiative is a win-win law in Virginia.  Virginia's participation has yielded many millions of dollars for the Commonwealth to use for flood preparedness and energy efficient efforts, particularly in low-income residential communities. Given the proven economic value of Virginia's participation in RGGI, why would you want to withdraw?  

The whole world is exploring and adopting many available means of using renewable resources for energy and reducing dependence on "dirty energy", including Virginia.  Why turn the proverbial clock backwards by withdrawing from a proven winner of a program?

I adamantly OPPOSE the proposed regulation that calls for Virginia to withdraw from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.  Considering the constant AND consistent support from the electorate to remain in RGGI, why would you want to alienate the voters, your constituents?

People of faith view this issue through the lens of their faith beliefs.  All faiths believe in justice.  People of faith are striving to do all they can and must for our common home -- mother earth.  Virginians are making a good size "dent" in solving critical climate-related issues in the state through RGGI.  Help us be all we can and want to be.  STAY IN RGGI!

I am praying that you harden not your heart and hear the cries of Virginians on this matter.

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