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Department of Energy
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9/12/22  11:23 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Nuclear Power Today and Nuclear Power Tomorrow

The energy required to drive our economy forward and expand should be anchored by nuclear energy.  The left-wing is trying to force a false narrative that solar and wind can fill the gap of coal and natural gas when they know imperically that it can not.  We must stop trying to destroy the industries that have driven the US to unheard of heights of innovation and power availability.  Democrats only solution is to force our country to restrict our options in order to choose from a list of lose -  lose options.   National nuclear plants to drive the grid to new power outputs beyond the most optimistic growth levels.  Regional natural gas plants and coal where the cost of transportation makes that the fuel of choice.  Those that choose to buy electric cars can fuel those where and when they want.  The rest of us will drive ICE trucks and be happy. 

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