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9/13/22  8:12 am
Commenter: Joanne McAlpine

Solar Power on homes and public building and keeping Solar Renewable Energy Credit

My husband and I bought solar panels about a year ago, just before the gas price hike.  We thought it would be nice to leave the world a little better than found it (a girl scout motto).  We were aware that there was no money to be gained, and that we may in the end lose money by purchasing it.  Our reasoning:

Gas is:

  1. Finite
  2. Causing greenhouse gases (most noticeable during the COVID shutdown)
  3. Creating dependency on countries that we don't like

We took advantage of the federal tax credit for 2021. The following year we had the gas price hikes however as we bought a plug-in car, we were not greatly or directly affected.  I think in the past year we filled the tank 4 times and that's because we went for longer trips to visit family.

We also signed up for the Solar Renewable Energy Credit program which we didn't expect much to come of it but we have made a dent in the upfront cost of our original installation. I also think it's an excellent program considering most companies don't bother even trying to offset their energy consumption.  Plus encourages those who are not sure they can afford the solar panels to afford it.

Now that we have solar - I realize I am tired of worrying about how we are getting oil from other countries - how we have to make deals with terrible people.  I'm tired of being at the mercy of the gas prices to determine our finances. In the end, the solar panels were the best decision we made.

I want to see Virginia at the forefront of dealing with the issues listed above and not stay with very old and ignorant ways of getting our energy.  I want to see our state be innovative (and looking to the future) and not stuck in the past.  

I want to see Virginia keep the SRECs and I want to see all public buildings with solar panels.  I want to see a plan to put our schools on the solar grid.  I know Virginia did fine during COVID - so let's be a state of the future.

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