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Guidance Document Change: The guidance document "Model Policies Concerning Instructional Materials with Sexually Explicit Content" was developed in conjunction with stakeholders in order to comply with SB656 (2022).
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7/22/22  12:38 am
Commenter: Anne Craft Taydus, Virginians for Children First

No! 2 laws in contradiction of each other! Opt your child out of data collection at

Since 1974 Article viii of the Code of Va. section 5 (d) “

  • (d) It shall have authority to approve textbooks and instructional aids and materials for use in courses in the public schools of the Commonwealth.”

§ 2.2-4002.1. Guidance documents.

C. If a written comment is received during a public comment period asserting that the guidance document is contrary to state law or regulation, or that the document should not be exempted from the provisions of this chapter, the effective date of the guidance document by the agency shall be delayed for an additional 30-day period. During this additional period, the agency shall respond to any such comments in writing by certified mail to the commenter or by posting the response electronically in a manner consistent with the provisions for publication of comments on regulations provided in this chapter. Any person who remains aggrieved after the effective date of the final guidance document may avail himself of the remedies articulated in Article 5 (§ 2.2-4025 et seq.).

you are on notice that the law and therefor guidance document are contrary to state law that gives you and always has the responsibility for TEXTBOOK AND CURRICULUM approval without horribly written and approved legislation that will only AGAIN be used against our children since it never should have been PASSED with the “in no way is this meant to censor books” we don’t have a comprehensive sex Ed problem YET, so the sexually explicit “materials” minus the books MEANS NOTHING! Stop passing laws that don’t mean anything to pass them  - anything Lucas, Hashmi etc send back from the Senate education subcommittee IS NOT GOING TO HELP ANY CHILD SO STOP VOTING YAY JUST TO GET R BILLS PASSED! crappy legislation leads to crappy(er) education! 

not to mention 1) we were told there would be no townhall for this 2) VDOE meeting canceled-convenient considering the SOLs on history and civics were on the agenda- will that be put off considering the VSBA propaganda being put out for a year now?? 3) what happened to Glenn’s parent teacher committee? 4) why haven’t the citizen commission positions been appointed and how is Governor Youngkin appointing them? 

in closing- Rotherham, Creasey, Seibert etc  Data  data data  data data  global citizenship  head start  work force readiness  data data data EQ over IQ  Klaus Schwab   Davos   Hunt Institute- Javaid Sadiqi- Carrie Coyner- James Lane- UNESCO- stop thinking we are stupid  AND STOP CALLING THEM TEXTBOOKS  they are WEB APPS  - each one collecting DATA that’s doing NOTHING but creating social credit scores using DESSA! Now DECA for the tiniest humans because why else would you have government preschool??? Start that 75 year data locker early! 

OUR CHILDREN ARE NOT HUMAN CAPITAL  Stop making them cogs in your machine  Workforce readiness is NOT A CHILD’S job to fix! Let them be children!! 

if you want forms to opt your child out of data collection, SEL, and to find out all the data collected on your child  visit



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