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3/3/22  8:48 am
Commenter: Stephanie O.

Please stop the mandates; promote healthy living instead!!!

Mandates bring division in and outside of the workplace.  Period. 

"Science" has now proven that the masks are not the be all and end all of staying/being healthy.  Instead of mandating things that folks are pretending help, why not encourage (NOT mandate) things that actually help, such as exercise and cutting out the excess sugar and prepackaged / processed foods made with all kinds of unhealthy ingredients and, instead, eating real foods (veggies, fruit, non-processed meats, eggs, nuts/seeds, etc.).  Support the public's desire to get healthy so they don't have all these co-morbidities and also so their immune system can be supported.  People can't afford to buy organic or grass fed or to buy a juicer, etc.  Put some money where it will actually help your citizens - help people to eat healthy, exercise, quit smoking, etc.!!!!!!  Instead, we encourage places like Krispy Kreme to give out free donuts to people who get the vaccine... WAIT!  WHAT??  How does that make any sense?????

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