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8/23/18  3:01 pm
Commenter: Girard J Gurgick


I heard so many citizens support additional subsidies for solar at the recent input session in Fairfax that I feel compelled to offer some comment.

The biggest problem we face is AGW.  The root is fossil fuel combustion.  Politically, the cure is absolutely unpalatable.  It's a big carbon tax.  I have seen a a great Tax and Dividend plan proposed at:     


We should be doing this and ending the subsidy for pollution using fossil fuels.  We won't.   Since we won't  I must accept solar subsidies as tolerable.  To me solar is, sadly, virtue signalling at it finest. I am reminded of Martin Luther and "indulgences" .that drove the protestant reformation

However, our RPS needs to be built around energy conservation and GHG reduction first!!!!  the simple mantra  REDUCE BEFORE YOU PRODUCE! comes to mind.

The laws of supply and demand tell us with certainty that if we produce low cost  lunchtime solar electric energy we will most likely just use more energy.  This won't help at all.

The highest and best use for the huge quantities of solar energy available needs to be stored.  The best storage opportunity is in car batteries for 24/7 transportation energy and reduction of fossil fuel combustion.  

The 24/7 storage of solar BTU energy that comes with a battery is geothermal HVAC. In our climate with a fairly good balance of HDD and CDD (Heating and Cooling Degree Days) geothermal HVAC needs to become the norm.  We shoud not create another susidy in addition to the Federal Tax Credit but we should create tools that allow us to reduce fossil fuel use as quckly as possible.




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