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Department of Energy
Department of Energy
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8/14/18  10:15 am
Commenter: Craig Nargi


Virginia energy is a commanding business issue that impacts our daily operations.  We suffer from unreliable grid, minimal maintenance, and what appears to be higher than normal electrical supply costs.  Virginia energy regulation must consider all the available options to better supply energy needs while mitigating the customers from bearing the brunt of exploration when the current supply systems are not recieving the appropriate maintenance or upfit to meet the demands.  Several crews from "company X" have shared with us that they report under performing service lines and maintenance is defferred constantly.  They further share that they are frustrated becuase some of the outages are preventable.

We need new energy sources.  We need the existing energy sources maintained at a higher expectation and that expectation has to come from legislation.  Placing the burden of addition costs on businesses in Virginia is not healthy, deters companies from joining the Commonwealth as a business base, and with no clear end game, those costs remain forever.

Energy will always be an issue to research and source.  It's time to regulate the process beyond businesses baring the brunt of additional costs unless a reward is shared with those investments with lower measurable energy forms.

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