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Department of General Services
Department of General Services
Regulations Banning Concealed Firearms in Offices Occupied by Executive Branch Agencies [1 VAC 30 ‑ 105]
Action Promulgation of new regulation banning concealed firearms in executive branch agency offices
Stage Proposed
Comment Period Ended on 10/21/2016
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9/10/16  12:59 am

I emphatically OPPOSE this regulation!


Until you can ABSOLUTELY guarantee my protection in any state office building, I question your intelligence and presumption at denying me my God given right of self defense.   I implore you to reconsider implementing this onerous and ill-conceived restriction on our ability to work for the common good.   Liberty University has the right approach.   What a travesty Virginia Tech did not have a similar policy.   

Seriously, Sir.   Please reconsider this.   WE are not the enemy.   Indeed, we may be the ONLY thing between them and the public until protection arrives.  

And as for carrying at all, let me just say, "I'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it."   

Personally, I carry concealed.   Always have, and probably always will.   For two reasons.   It doesn't rattle the gun-fearing public (such tender, well meaning, trusting souls) ... AND the enemy hasn't a clue!   I like both of those reasons.   


William J. Ogburn, III

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