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Department of General Services
Regulations Banning Concealed Firearms in Offices Occupied by Executive Branch Agencies [1 VAC 30 ‑ 105]
Action Promulgation of new regulation banning concealed firearms in executive branch agency offices
Stage Emergency/NOIRA
Comment Period Ended on 1/27/2016
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1/2/16  9:55 pm
Commenter: Michael U. USN Veteran, VCDL, NRA

Oppose this action.
I vehemently oppose this wreckless action.  I can find no evidence that supports this action making our citizens safer.  This doesn't support Virginians.  This doesn't support our visitors.  This doesn't support our military members serving here from out of state.  This action is being carried out in a cowardly manner, hidden behind executive actions and without public input.  Absolute pettifoggery and cowardace.  

When a threat emerges to harm the innocent populace, and the people are forced through ill-advised law to be unarmed, they are at the mercy of their attackers until a police/security force can arrive.  Police are out of play essentially until AFTER an attack occurs.  This action makes it EASIER for an attacker, and HARDER for the innocent to rightfully defend themselves.  How sick it must feel to have to wait for someone to maybe have a chance at helping you, because some politician decided we are not free to defend ourselves.  The same politician who enjoys armed guards at our taxpayers expense.  Shameful.  This is pettifoggery and cowardace at its worst.

As a still-serving 15 year veteran of our Armed Forces, I am ashamed to say that a great many of my brothers in arms will now be less safe since they are using their home-state permits here.  People with on-going threats are going to be disarmed, but what about their potential attackers when they find out the law changed in their favor?  What about our tourists from out of state who aren't even aware their permits are about to become useless here?  How about our citizens who travel, whose permits will become null in many of the states we had reciprocity with before, who will now, by law, rescind that priveledge?

Face our citizens and lay out the evidence to prove which side is correct.  Stop hiding behind pettifoggery and cowardace.  I hope to see a real discussion.  I hope to see a recall vote.  I hope to see funding stripped.  I hope to see politicians stripped of extra protections the general citizenry isn't afforded.  I hope our politicians will take their oaths, as I have, seriously.  Has our motto been forgotten?  'Sic Semper Tyrannis' (Thus always to tyrants!).  This state used to take people stepping on our throats seriously.

The Notice of Intended Regulatory Action published in the Virginia Register of Regulations on December 14, 2015, concerning the prohibition of carrying concealed handguns in Executive Branch offices states that a Public Hearing will NOT be held at the proposed regulation stage.

I request that a Public Hearing be held during the proposed regulation stage for the intended regulations prohibiting carrying concealed handguns in Executive Branch offices.  Given the state-wide impact, I request that public hearings be scheduled throughout the Commonwealth to allow all to comment without excessive travel cost.
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