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8/4/14  4:26 am
Commenter: Patricia S Matheson

valid ID for voting

I strongly object to the proposal to limit the use of expired drivers' licenses and passports for voting identification.  For those who no longer drive or travel, and have no need to go to the significant trouble and expense to obtain new drivers' licenses or passports, this is in effect a poll tax, and an expensive one.  It is just another effort to block the voting of elderly, poor and disabled.   A new passport costs $110.00 plus a $25.00 execution fee. Do the proponents truly believe this is a reasonable burden for voting?   As has been pointed out by other commenters, there are other "accepted" forms of ID which do not have expiry dates at all - they might be 20 years old, but are accepted.   So in what way does an expired passport or driver's liicense  inhibit a judgment of whether the person is who he/she says he or she is?


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